Try instead of buy Woman licks the ice cream before putting it back in the freezer

Try instead of buy Woman licks the ice cream before putting it back in the freezer

Hand on heart, who wouldn’t want to try an ice cream in the supermarket before spending money on it? A woman in America probably thought the same thing. Only with the small but subtle difference that she really did it and then put the ice cream back.

A video is currently going viral showing a young woman taking a bucket of ice from the freezer, licking it, and then putting it back. The woman is probably encouraged by a male voice that can be heard on the video. With a big grin, the woman puts the ice cream back for an unsuspecting customer.

Should the woman be arrested?

The video has now been viewed eight million times on Twitter and caused a great stir. Some users believe that it is a crime to manipulate food and even demand that the woman be arrested.

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Other users believe that they recognize the woman and that she comes from San Antonio. You are even sure to spot a Walmart in town on the video. However, this is not confirmed.

That’s what the ice cream maker says

The ice cream maker has already commented on this incident: “We would like to thank our consumers for making us aware of the recent food adulteration incident.” It also states: “We take this incident very seriously and are currently working with law enforcement agencies and social media platforms together. This incident will not be tolerated. “

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