Turbo Detox This is how you detoxify your body in just 24 hours
Turbo detox this is how you detoxify your body in

Turbo Detox This is how you detoxify your body in just 24 hours

Anyone who feels sluggish, sleeps poorly and struggles with food cravings and extra pounds should get their metabolism going again. A 24-hour detox and these five tips will help – with which you can detoxify your body in record time.

1. Avoid alcohol

If you want to detoxify your body quickly, you should skip the glass of wine or beer in the evening. If we consume alcohol, the body first breaks down the alcohol – the breakdown of fat is prevented and the fat is deposited on the hips. In addition, alcohol removes moisture from the body and you feel tired quickly.


How to Detoxify Your Liver

The liver is the hub of metabolism and does valuable work around the clock as a detoxification organ. We’ll tell you how you can detoxify your busy liver and free it from overload!

2. Sleep well

Sleep has been shown to lower cholesterol, reduce stress and help you lose weight. In order for your sleep to be restful, all you have to do is ensure a nighttime room temperature of 18 degrees. And: ban all electronic devices such as televisions, tablets and smartphones from the bedroom.

3. Take regular breaks

People who sit a lot should get up for five minutes every hour, take a few steps and stretch their bodies. This drives away tiredness, gets the pulse going, ensures better blood circulation and burns a few calories too.

4. No prohibitions

If you crave something sweet or fatty in the evening, you can give in and eat a rib of chocolate or a handful of nuts. Prohibitions only cause stress and that harms the detox program more than a minor nutritional sin.

5. Drink water before and after sleep

Just before going to bed you should drink a glass of water and immediately after getting up – because while you sleep, your body does not get any fluids for seven hours or more. Drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach also stimulates digestion. Don’t forget to drink regularly during the day, too.

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