TUTANO Magazine and a little philosophy

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In my perfect world, I could travel the world, cook all my favorite recipes and learn new ones, read and write endlessly. I don’t think this dream is impossible. Now I am going to say that phrase that you have heard thousands of times and it is nevertheless true. believe in all the potential you have and go ahead, fight for what you want. You can all!
The text is a little philosophical, I know. Today, while talking to a friend, I was introduced to Beto Madalosso. And it was this friend who introduced me to the guy, or rather, the guy’s magazine. To understand a little of what I’m talking about, let’s clarify a few things.
Every city has its traditional restaurant. The one where you take your uncle out or a friend who is visiting. In Curitiba, this restaurant is Madalosso. For us here in the city, the name can be translated into two words: little chicken and fried polenta. It is located in the neighborhood of very traditional Italian restaurants, Santa Felicidade, and has existed since 1964. Beto Madalosso is the result of this family whose main theme is gastronomy. It is no wonder that the 35-year-old businessman and chef followed the same path.
This text is not meant to advertise anyone, especially since I haven’t been to the restaurant in years and I met Beto’s work today. I am amazed at his initiative. In addition to creating his own restaurant, Forneria Copacabana, in July last year he launched Tutano magazine. So far, there have been three editions and copies can be found online.
The magazine’s content is focused on gastronomy, with a lot of humor and a very fun layout. Various illustrations, photos and graphic games make Tutano a young vehicle. It has reports, interviews and recipes. You can find out more on his website:


That’s where that story from the beginning comes in. Beto loves to travel, and has even crossed the United States on a motorcycle. He created a magazine and a restaurant. And who said that in some time it won’t be me, or you?

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