Types of Accommodation for Your Trip

Types of Accommodation for Your Trip

Each style of travel (and also traveler) calls for a different type of accommodation. Families, for example, tend to prefer hotels because they are a more comfortable alternative. On the other hand, young people traveling alone tend to choose hostels or cheaper options.
However, there are other accommodation types super interesting non-traditional ones that are still little explored by Brazilians. To give you an idea, Airbnb has been around since 2008 and only in recent years has it become popular.
As I know that many doubts arise when we research about hosting, I will point out to you the main differences between each one of them!


Types of Accommodation for Your Trip

Covell Hotel in Los Angeles

Boutique hotels, resorts, farm hotels, inns … these are just some of the subcategories of this type of accommodation. I believe that hotels are the most classic form of accommodation, no matter where you go. One of the main attractions of these places is the varied services that can be used within the hotel. Pools, spas and breakfasts are the most common. In these cases, it is important to know that the package with the value of the accommodation increases according to the offer of these “treats”.
Many people choose the hotel according to the number of stars
that the establishment has. This classification it is made according to the infrastructure of the place, as well as the services available for the comfort of the client. As important as this assessment is, knowing the opinion of people who have already visited the place is essential.

Boutique Hotel

The hotel style that Paulo and I always prefer are the

boutique hotels. In general, this type of accommodation is usually five stars and offers a more personalized service. One of the biggest goals of these places is to provide a unique and special experience.
Another very strong feature is the smaller number of rooms available, precisely for the hotel to better serve the customer. This is a unique experience, perfect for special occasions if you can’t always spend a good amount of money.

Chain Hotel

Unlike boutique hotels, chain hotels have well standardized service and infrastructure. One of the best known, for example, is the Ibis. The rooms are always very similar, no matter where you go.
The quality and comfort are also great, but never forget to choose the hotel carefully and do some research before booking. In addition, larger chain hotels always offer several leisure options, such as a gym and swimming pool.


Types of Accommodation for Your Trip

KEX Hostel in Iceland

Much sought after by the younger staff, the hostel is a good way to travel and save money. The bedrooms are almost always shared, and the number of people per accommodation varies. So keep an eye on it if you don’t want to share accommodation with a lot of people. Some places offer single rooms, while maintaining a cheaper price. The interesting thing is that even older people have been looking for hostels. Especially because age should not limit us to anything!
At first, this style of accommodation was much simpler than traditional hotels. Nowadays, hostels are increasingly modernizing, investing in infrastructure and a more well thought out design. As I always say, do some research beforehand and evaluate the pros and cons of each place. This type of comparison can be done quickly with Hostelworld, as I explained to you in the post with tips from travel apps.
I believe that every experience is valid, so try to make at least one trip staying in this type of accommodation to create your own opinions. Paulo and I, for example, stayed at a hostel in Iceland called KEX and we loved the place.


Types of Accommodation for Your Trip

Photo: Kirill Z

Couchsurfing is a newer way of hosting, so many people still don’t quite understand how it works. The deciding factor for travelers to choose couchsurfing is that you don’t have to pay anything. Still, taking a gift to the host or preparing a dinner are kindly welcomed.
The literal translation of the name means “surfing on the couch”, and it really suits the purpose of the accommodation. You will not necessarily be in a room, but on the sofa in the host’s house. Many people end up not enjoying this style of travel because they are afraid or afraid to stay for free in the house of a stranger.
Usually the experiences are always good and unforgettable. Despite this, women obviously need to be a little more careful. To avoid mischief, read many
assessments about the host and the location.


Types of Accommodation for Your Trip

Photo: yi sk

Airbnb has become increasingly adored by Brazilians. All this success is not for nothing. The accommodations are super cheap, especially for those traveling as a couple or in a group. The site offers rooms with a single bed as well as apartments and entire houses. To choose the location well, read many reviews and try to talk to the host first.
The cool thing about staying in a lodging like this is that you can feel at home, in addition to being something very practical and economical. If you enjoy cooking or don’t want to spend money eating in restaurants, it is worth looking for a space with good cuisine.
Another incredible function of Airbnb, but that doesn’t have much connection with hosting, are the experiences. You have the chance to hire a guide, a tour or even a workshop to do in the city of your choice. The values ​​are usually great and it is a different way of knowing the destination.

Work exchange

Types of Accommodation for Your Trip

Photo: Christin Hume

What about to work for some hours in exchangethe hosting? That’s how we call what work exchange. That is, you provide services for a time of the day to the hostel or a host, for example, and as a “salary” you have the right to stay there during the trip. Depending on the place, even food is included.
This scheme can be done in the long to short term, so some travelers even spend months in a different country living this way. In addition to being a different way of traveling and saving a lot, you have the opportunity to develop new skills and make friends with people from all over the world. Take a look at the Worldpackers website for some work alternatives and if they match your personality.
There is no specific type of visa for this type of trip. Consequently, you will have to enter the country on a tourist visa. For this reason, don’t mention work at any time when going through immigration ?
Were you able to understand all the options? Be sure to comment on your experiences and what style of accommodation you like best!

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