Types of Butter Cream

Types of Butter Cream

THE butter cream is one of the most classic toppings for cakes. In addition to being a little more resistant to heat, it has a distinctive flavor and super unctuous texture. There are those who love and those who hate, but it is undeniable that desserts with this ending are wonderful.
Generally, when we prepare a “classic” butter cream topping, the base of it is prepared with Swiss meringue. However, there are other variations of the cream and that is what we are going to talk about now!

American Butter Cream

Types of Butter Cream

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American butter cream is one of the most common for both toppings and fillings. The interesting thing about this version is that it has no cooked parts. That is, just beat the butter at room temperature with palpable sugar and vanilla extract.
As this cream does not take other denser ingredients, it ends up being sweeter and more unctuous. Anyway, it is one of the most used because it is easy to be prepared.

Swiss butter cream

Types of Butter Cream

Complete recipe

Our darling on the list! Swiss butter cream is made on the basis of meringue. For this, the egg whites and sugar are beaten in a water bath and then added to the butter, also beaten.
Here, it is important to remember that it is essential to beat the butter well before mixing it with the meringue. That’s because the strong butter flavor that many people complain about only happens when the cream is not whipped enough. Having followed the correct step-by-step instructions, you will have an airy and slightly nauseating coverage ?

Italian butter cream

Types of Butter Cream

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Italian butter cream is similar to Swiss, but with a single (and big) difference. In this case, the egg whites are beaten, but the sugar is placed in the form of a hot syrup. As this preparation is a little more laborious, people end up opting for the other versions.
Oh, and don’t worry if the cover looks cut out at first. Keep beating and wait for the correct point to arrive!

French butter cream

Types of Butter Cream

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Butter cream, surprisingly, can also be made with egg yolks! For this version the sugar is also put in the form of syrup, but it is added to the beaten egg yolks, not to the egg white. By using this part of the egg, the cream ends up with a different color. Still, it’s worth testing at home.
Do you have a favorite version of this coverage?

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