Types of Chess to Use This Winter

Types of Chess to Use This Winter

That chess is part of every winter is nothing new, after all, a classic print like this never goes out of style. However, if you are looking for more modern versions for this season, there are 3 patterns that are with everything: Prince of Wales, Grid and Vichy.
Even classic pieces, like blazer and tailoring pants, are more modern with these impressions. And as we love references and tips on where to find, I decided to make a post that brings it all together!

prince of wales

Formal outfit, jacket, skirts … This is the checkered one! The tailoring pieces in the pattern are really classic, but still very well composes a more modern look with sneakers and T-shirt ?
For those who want to invest in something timeless, I believe I have nothing better. The print works on the most varied occasions!


Types of Chess to Use This Winter

Photos: Anna Fasano and Vintage Collage

For those who have a more modern and urban style, the tip is to bet on grid chess, which is nothing more than a more minimalist checkered pattern.
The squares appear in small, medium and very large versions. If you are like me who love more graphic prints, like classic stripes, this is an interesting alternative but at the same time very basic and easy to use.


And if anyone thought Vichy would be restricted to the summer, he was very much mistaken. The print in the style “picnic towel” brings a slightly lighter and even fun footprint for the colder days.
The b & w and navy blue versions really work better with heavier pieces, but nothing prevents you from investing in a baby blue jacket like the one in the last photo, right ?!

Where to find?

There is no shortage of chess pieces at this time of year, but of course I made my selection to share here! I really think I have a thing for the more sober tones and you?
Types of Chess to Use This Winter
1- Tweed Plaid Grid Jacket at Renner – R $ 199.90
2- Vichy shirt at Renner – R $ 89.90
3- Sommer Dress at Dafiti – R $ 184.00
4- Tailoring Blazer at AMARO – R $ 279.90
5- Midi skirt at AMARO – R $ 179.90
6- Mini skirt at AMARO – R $ 79.90
7- Lengthened Vest at Renner – R $ 299.90
8- Tailoring Pants at AMARO – R $ 189.90
9- Shoulder Shirt – R $ 339.00
10- Shoulder Blouse – R $ 259.00

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