Types of piping nozzles

Types of piping nozzles

My first experience with the piping tip was disastrous. To begin with, what was I … 16 years old? Imagine the confusion of ganache everywhere. Did the cake look nice? THE! I confess that I still have no practice with the thing, but I know that with training one day everything will work out.
If you have doubts about the huge number of types of nozzles, don’t worry. Come here, here you will find some tips about each of them and what effect they have on the decoration of your cake or cupcake.
All of these beaks are from Wilton and the numbering they created divides them by ways they can give the candy. There are approximately eight types: Perlé, Pitanga Aberta, Pitanga Fecha, Serra, Petals, Leaves, Multiple and shower, Ruffles and Miscellaneous.
* Based on Barra Doce website
Perlé: The most common for making outlines, lace and letters. The 230 nozzle is ideal for filling bombs and cupcakes, as it is larger and pointed. Model rentals must be used with larger adapters
nozzles - perl

Pitanga open: They are great for drawing stars and flowers, or even shell shapes. In addition, they can be used to finish.
nozzles - open pitanga

Pitanga closed: As the name implies, this “more closed” nozzle creates deeper grooves. It is good for making shells, stars and fleur-de-lis.
nozzles - closed pitanga

Saw: The saw nozzle has two sides, one smooth and the other serrated. Two, however, are smooth – the nozzles 44 and 45. They can create the effect of ribbons and waves.
nozzles - saw

Petals: Flower petals, pleats, drapes, and bows. With these nozzles, the cake decoration takes on a classic and elegant look. With Wilton No. 126, for example, you can make big roses. It looks beautiful!
beaks - petals

Sheets: To create the effect, it is necessary to control the pressure on the bag, increasing gradually, in addition to making the movement back and forth to make the grooves.
nozzles - leaves

Multiple and shower: As the name says, with this type of beak it is possible to make lines, ropes, hair and stars. To give the grass effect, tip 233 is normally used; the Triple Star nozzle is perfect for faster filling of large areas.
nozzles - multiple and shower

Ruffles: They are ideal for finishing, and produce shells in addition to traditional ruffles.
nozzles - ruffles

several: With these beaks, you can make Christmas trees, hearts, shells, cords and ruffles.
nozzles - various

Miscellaneous flowers: Generally, they are divided into three categories: small (106-225), medium (131-194) and large (195, 2C to 1G). They have a small pin stuck internally in the center, which guarantees the shape of the flower. Large nozzles can be used to apply cookie dough.
beaks - flowers

The Master Tip Set kit has 52 nozzles, with all nozzle categories above, with the exception of ruffle nozzles. These are all the effects that the kit allows:
Nozzles - kit master tip set

Which effect did you like?
Photo: Vanessa Iti

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