Types of thermometer for culinary use
Types of thermometer for culinary use

Types of thermometer for culinary use

Your doubts are over, baby! Come here to read about thermometers and know which ones are the best to have in the kitchen, come; D
the-cupcake-project-chocolateThe cupcake project
Chef Remi digital thermometer – Simple and beautiful to use. Like most thermometers, this one measures in Celsius (-50 to +300) and Farenheit (-58 to +572). I used to season chocolate this Easter and I liked it.
Average price: R $ 35
Rösle digital thermometer – This one is quite complete. Measures temperatures for meat, wine, tea, chocolate, fried foods, etc. In addition, in 5 seconds the digital display shows the temperature in Celsius (-50 to +300) and Farenheit (-58 to +572).
Average price: R $ 100
Waterproof thermometer – It is a digital thermometer with the difference that there is no problem if placed in contact with water (in this case, the digital part). The color is pretty and so is the design.
Technical Data:
Dimensions: 25x17x87mm
Shank diameter: 145mm / 4mm diameter
Power supply: 1x LR44 type battery.
Average price: R $ 73
digital thermometer-skewer-kitchen-green-ickfd
Waterproof thermometer with alarm – Same scheme as the other, but this one comes with an alarm! You program the desired temperature and it notifies you when it reaches it. Cool huh? In addition, it measures from -50˚C to + 300˚C.
Technical Data:
Body dimensions: 97x30x23mm
Body material: ABS plastic
Shank length / diameter: 145mm / 4mm
Power supply: 1.5V – Battery type LR44.
Average price: R $ 68

I also found a cake thermometer, something that is new to me. You put the utensil on the cake and take it to bake; meanwhile, it measures the right “cooking point”, which goes from 80% ready, goes through “ready” and measures up to “overcooked”, which means that the cake has baked more than necessary. Click here to check it out. But it would be cool to test or see an opinion on this before buying. I found the product descriptions to be very weak and no reviews from other consumers. When in doubt, do the toothpick test ?
Average price: R $ 49
digital thermometer-skewer-kitchen-cake-ickfd

Speaking of the oven, this Le Creuset thermometer is specific for this (you can trust this one), but as Dani explains below, it only measures in ˚F.
Average price: $ 20

This thermometer below is good for measuring temperatures of sugar syrups, frying in hot oil and other liquids. In addition, you can fit it in the pan and make it stable.
Average price: U $ 11.45
Click here to buy.
Now let’s take a look at Dani’s arsenal? Here she explains each of her thermometers, as well as their pros and cons.
I use Le Creuset. The ideal is to leave it right in the center of the oven, as this is where the temperature will be most accurate. As soon as it reaches the temperature you need and stabilizes, you can take out and place what you need to bake. Even so, I keep it inside the oven somewhere that doesn’t hinder the baking process to make sure the temperature stays the same. I really like this thermometer, but the only problem is that it is in ˚F (Farenheit), so I always have to convert it into a cell phone application.
I have 2 for sugar syrups, a bigger one from Matfer that goes from 80˚C to 200˚C and a smaller one, that I don’t remember the brand (it didn’t come written, I bought it on a Chinese website – it was made there) and it comes written back CANDY-DEEP FRY thermometer, in addition to all the temperatures of sugar syrup and also frying of each ingredient to be fried. It ranges from 0˚C to 200˚C.
All two are very good, but as they are made of glass, you have to be careful not to break them.
What to do to not break?
I have already broken 2 of the big and 1 of the small, so the ideal way to measure the syrup temperature of both the one and the other is to leave them in the middle of the liquid to be gauged without touching the bottom of the pan, and also without leaving too much in the syrup surface. The medium is the secret.
The two for chocolate I have one is very cheap, which I bought on a Chinese website – it also has no brand name – and the other is from Rösle. Both are very good, but Rösle’s never gave me a problem, while the black I used so much already broke once and I had to buy another one. But it’s worth the price.
Normally, chocolate thermometers do not exceed 120˚C and the ideal is that you do not use them above 80˚ to avoid damaging them. The temperature of the chocolate must be measured in the center of the mixture.
I have a chocolate laser, but it is very expensive and I don’t think anyone needs one unless they have to control a huge chocolate production; D

So, have you decided which one to buy to further your kitchen? Comment down here!

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