Types of women’s watches

Types of women's watches

As I already told you here on the blog, I am passionate about delicate accessories. What I haven’t talked about yet is my love for watches – mostly analog! They help to compose with bracelets and make the look even more interesting.
I love this mix of delicate and thin bracelets with heavier or bigger watches! How about checking out my favorite models?



Photo 1 – Box Park / Photo 2 – MVMT Watches / Photo 3 – Jewelry trends 2015

Watches with a leather strap leave the look slim and sophisticated. This is because the bracelets of this material are more discreet and combine very well with any outfit. I’m a fan of the more neutral colors like black, white and brown.



Photo 1 – Poppies and Peridot / Photo 2 – Radar Glam / Photo 3 – The Wind of Inspiration

Digital watches, with a plastic or colored leather strap make the look much more casual. They combine very well with looks that mix jeans and basic T-shirts, but they are also incredible options to create a contrast in a more elegant look (photo 1).



Photo 1 – Style Caster / Photo 2 – Sheer Luxe / Photo 3 – Wendy’s Lookbook

The metal ones are classic! You can turn it into a more rocker – just mix with heavy, pointed and thicker bracelets – or make it super feminine!



Photo 1 – Viva Luxury / Photo 2 – Larsson & Jennings / Photo 3 – Cleverl Yours

The color, by itself, already draws a lot of attention! The look is more striking and you need to be careful not to overdo it and use several bracelets and a lot of shine in the same composition. The minimal look is ideal! Mix a few bracelets and prefer more neutral clothes when complementing with the accessory.


I’m crazy about my Kate Spade watch. I think the accessory gives a touch Fun to the look thanks to the polka dots. The colors are super neutral and that’s why it matches everything: prints, plain fabrics, casual pieces or thinner! Super versatile!
If you also love to watch the time the traditional way, find out where to find more options:

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  5. Kate Spade

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