Typography with food – for you to be inspired

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Before devouring a piece of cake or a slice of pie, we eat with our eyes. If the candy is beautiful, it seems that our brain is getting ready to receive a dose of good sensations with just one look, right? Alongside appetizing cakes and pies, this is more or less the purpose of typography.
Well-designed fonts and details form an attractive set using graphic resources, always with the function of attracting the reader. Well, you must have seen many examples of typography on the internet – it seems that fashion has returned strongly (who guesses the tribe that brought it back straight from the 50s?). I think the way designers create phrases and words is really cool and, as soon as I saw some references made with food, I was crazy to share it with you!
The Bored Panda team decided to play with everyday ingredients and turn them into delicious words. The result was this:
Beautiful, right? Here are other inspirations:
“I don’t carrot all” is a joke with the word “carrot” and the expression “I don’t care at all”, which means “I really don’t care”. Source: Etapes
“I’m going to the gym later so I deserve a treat” (I go to the gym later, so I deserve a sweet) – Source: Abdecido
typography-with-food-bread-toasted-inspirationgrid-ickfdSource: Inspiration Grid
typography-with-food-jelly-marmaladebleue-ickfd2typography-with-food-marmaladebleue-ickfd-1“This is my jam” (Source: MarmaladeBleue – top photo (Type Gang)
So, did you get excited to learn a little more about typography? I do! ; D

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