Uncomfortable interaction If you use a menstrual cup, you have to be careful with this contraceptive

Uncomfortable interaction If you use a menstrual cup, you have to be careful with this contraceptive

The menstrual cup is becoming increasingly popular. However, in conjunction with contraceptives such as an IUD or copper chain, complications may arise when removing the cup.

Young women in particular are increasingly enjoying the menstrual cups, also known as MensCups, which are an environmentally and body-friendly alternative to tampons. They are made of silicone and are pressed together and inserted into the vagina until they “pop open” just before the cervix in order to catch the escaping menstrual blood. This creates a slight negative pressure that is necessary for the cup to sit well for the next twelve hours. If you want to take it out again, press it in at the edges and carefully pull it out.

But it is precisely this negative pressure that can become a problem for some users if the wearers also wear an intra-uterine pessary (UIP), i.e. use an IUD for contraception. A corresponding Twitter post is currently making the rounds. This tweet refers to an online message from the MensCup manufacturer Lunette, in which the problematic connection is described.

The advantages of menstrual cups at a glance:

Despite its scary name, the menstrual cup has many advantages.

That’s why the menstrual cup makes sense

Many women do not even know they exist – the menstrual cup has many advantages. The five best arguments at a glance.

Copper coil – copper chain – hormone coil

For the manufacturer Lunette it is basically not a problem to use both at the same time, but one should definitely pay attention to a few things when removing. Lunette makes no difference between the three possible UIPs: the copper IUD, the copper chain and the hormone IUD.

The copper coil sits like a T-piece in the uterus between the fallopian tubes. The lower end is wrapped with a copper wire and secretes copper ions that kill sperm. The copper chain also works by secreting copper ions, except that the chain does not form a T-piece, but a longer thread or chain with copper particles that is attached to the upper muscle layer of the uterus and hangs in the uterus. The hormone IUD, in turn, looks similar to the copper IUD, except that its preventive effect is caused by the hormone progestin, which the IUD continuously releases.

All three UIPs are used by doctors and have a service life of up to 5 years. In addition, all three contraceptives have threads hanging down so they can be removed later.

Advantages and side effects of the hormonal IUD.


Hormonal IUD
How safe is IUD contraception?

The hormone coil provides reliable and safe protection against pregnancy. But like all hormonal contraceptives, it also has unpleasant side effects.

Be careful when the thread and cup touch!

In some cases this thread can be particularly long and hang out of the uterus, which is usually not a problem. But if a menstrual cup is used and pushed so far into the vagina that the thread and cup touch and even enclose each other, it can actually become problematic: According to Lunette, however, you should stop pulling out the cup immediately if you pull in felt in the uterus.

To be on the safe side, you should feel the edges of the cup when inserting it so that there is no thread. If it is too long at your own discretion, the doctor can help and simply shorten it a little. Otherwise, if you are unsure, take another contraceptive as long as you wait for the next doctor’s appointment!

Our expert explains in the video what is really important when it comes to contraception!

That’s what matters when it comes to contraception

© Marians Welt; Marians Welt

No quick, hectic movements when pulling out

Basically, however, the following things should be observed when pulling out the Menstrual Cup: It is very important to press in the edges of the menstrual cup when removing it so that the negative pressure is released. You should also be slow and careful and avoid quick, hectic movements.

Another menstrual cup maker, Rubycub, offers the same advice, but reiterating what should be at the top of your list: do what feels best on your body. If you have both a contraceptive and a menstrual cup under control, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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