Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

Choosing the type of oven and stove always raises doubts. Especially because most people do not understand much about home appliances and do not know the exact differences between each one.
With that in mind, I have selected the most common types of oven / stove and I will explain each one to you. Some are very similar and others are more special, so stay tuned when buying. After reading the post, you can already consider yourself experts on the subject!

Electric stove

Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

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Those who cannot have gas cylinders in the environment or do not have an easily accessible source of gas can (and should!) Use the electric stove. In the case of the oven, the temperature is easily controlled and the heating is done equally, without one part receiving more heat than the other.
Another advantage of this type of equipment is that it has more compact options and some are even portable, and can be placed on different benches. The biggest problem with this type of oven is that it uses more energy, and without light you will not be able to use it at all.
NOTE: there is another type of electric oven called a halogen oven, which uses hot air to cook food. How does it happen? Using a halogen lamp to provide heat! Although not very common, it is portable and super efficient.

Gas oven

Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

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I believe that this is the most common type of oven / stove here in Brazil. As its name implies, it uses gas to cook food. Some buildings even have piped gas so that residents don’t have to keep the cylinders inside.
Most of the time the oven is already coupled with the stove, which can be floor or built-in. Ah, it still works even without power, since it is possible to light it manually. This product option is more economical than the electric stove. However, the bottom of the oven ends up heating up more than the top. Consequently, the temperature is a little more difficult to control. If you plan to bake a lot of cakes and pies, for example, this may not be the best option!

Induction cooker

Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

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In addition to being electric, the induction cooker also uses magnetism to heat pans. It is considered more modern than the others because with it there is no loss of heat. Consequently, food ends up cooking faster. One of the biggest advantages in relation to this stove is that it takes up little space, so it is great for people who have smaller kitchens.
Another incredible benefit of the induction cooker is that you will not run any risk of being shocked, also reducing the risk of burns and fires. It also cools faster than simple electric stoves, for example. The models vary between built-in and table, while built-in models require installation. Table tops can be placed on any surface!
Not all pans work on the induction cooker, like glass, aluminum and ceramic. You must use those made of magnetic materials. Good examples are those of cast iron and stainless steel. If you don’t know how to differentiate, just do a test with a magnet. If it sticks to the bottom of the pan it means it can be used!


Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

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Cooktops are becoming more and more common in Brazil, especially considering that they take up little space and have a modern and sophisticated design. They are installed on countertops or sinks and can be gas, electric or induction.
Their operation is the same as stoves with traditional format! That is, it follows the same rules that I have already mentioned to you here. The oven, however, needs to be purchased separately.

Combined Oven

Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

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The combined oven has high technology and is widely used by commercial establishments. However, this does not prevent you from having such a model at home. Its biggest differential is its multifunctionality. Among its functions are baking, frying, grilling and gratin. For having so many uses, he ends up dispensing with the use of other equipment, for example.
Speaking of the disadvantages, one of them is a slight residual taste in food. Even though it is not very strong, it is something that many people may not like. After all, it takes away the taste of homemade food. As for the more technical issues, it works differently due to the different types of heat, air jets and vaporizers.

Convection Oven

Understand What Are the Most Common Types of Oven and Stove

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Few people know about the convection oven, but it is relatively common. The conventional oven heats only at the bottom, where the heat generated by the fire comes from. In the case of the convection oven, there are fans inside the equipment that spread the heating more evenly throughout the space. In this way, food is roasted equally and on all sides.
As it gets hotter than a normal oven, bake cakes and pies for less time and at lower temperatures. The temperature can also be more controlled, once you know that it will be the same in each corner of the oven. The only care you should take is to choose a tray that facilitates air circulation through the food!
So, what type of stove / oven do you prefer? Another alternative is the wood ovens, which give that special taste in food ?

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