Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future

Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future 1

What we thought was going to be a phase and that soon everything would return to “normal” lasts for months and promises to change our lives forever. The first point is: WHO stated, at the beginning of the quarantine, that vaccines will only be really available in at least 18 months. We have made progress, but these are still quite uncertain achievements. What we do know is that for a long time we will still have to change our habits to avoid contact and crowds.

Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future

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On the other hand, it is remarkable and very present that the pandemic already changed our lives. No, we will not “go back to normal”. We found new ways to relate, we created the habit of washing products from the supermarket, we broke the record for lives, video conferences and everything that could be done at home. And there are people making very unusual creations that can help us to reflect on what lies ahead: our future, which actually starts now.


In smaller cities, getting to know all neighbors, offering and asking for help is already a very common practice. In large centers there are so many people that this is not always possible, right? For this reason, the Vizinhos do Bem platform, which already existed before the pandemic but strengthened during the quarantine, came to connect those who were in need with those who could (and can!) Help. Buying a product at the supermarket, walking the dog and lending a tool are quite common practices on this platform.

Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future

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It is already known that the consequences of the pandemic will last much longer than initially expected and some problems have worsened, such as unemployment. Many people lost their jobs or had to close their businesses in the last few months and even buying food has become a problem. It was thinking about this and helping to fill the time of those affected in this way by the pandemic that the city of Montevideo, in Uruguay, sent basic baskets accompanied by a book during the quarantine.

The initiative was designed to help not only the “basic” with people in the most vulnerable situations. This is a great idea and it can extend for longer and places, right?

Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future

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This idea is out of the ordinary and is kind of funny, but the North American Matt Reed realized to create an artificial intelligence capable of answering, responding and understanding messages in the Enlargement. It is nothing less than a robot, affectionately nicknamed Zoombot. It may seem just unusual now, but it is a very important step, isn’t it?

Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future

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We have already talked a lot about yoga here on the website, but nothing that resembles this initiative. In Toronto, Canada, we had the creation of “domes” for the activities of yoga during isolation. They are air-conditioned bubbles, private and always disinfected so that students can carry out their practices “outdoors”. Of course, it is not everywhere, it still works, after all, people have to leave home to go to the place of the class.

However, this is a way to continue with social isolation for longer, even with flexibility.

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In the same footprint, the academy Inspire South Bay Fitness, in California, created the domes to separate practitioners and ensure security with social distance. Likewise, as much as it is an interesting alternative, people still need to leave home. Therefore, exercises done at home, with your own body and guided by video lessons have gained a lot of space as well.

Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future

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We already know that pets are not infected with coronavirus, but pets also need to be trapped inside the house along with their owners. So, how about putting your dog being driven by a drone and let him take a walk? It is a little dangerous depending on where you live, but it is interesting to think: will our best friend replace us?

Unusual initiatives and ideas to think about the future

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Russian photographer Karman Verdi created a project to show his routine accompanied by virtual projections of models that carry out daily activities with him. Watching a movie, dining for two and doing simple activities are the focus of the project. The questioning is about loneliness, about new ways of relating and about killing homesickness with virtual ways.

And this project leads us to another question: audiovisual production can (and should) undergo major changes after this quarantine, right? This is just one of the project ideas, but who hasn’t seen at least one photo shoot digitally done on social media and magazines?

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In the same vibe, photographer Jeremy Cohen, realizing from his balcony that many people were occupying the roofs of their houses and buildings, began to fly over with his drone and record these practices by getting to know these people better. It happened when he found Tori Cignarella on the screens. Days later, he held a real meeting, but inside a plastic bubble. The question remains: is it possible to fall in love without ever having touched another person?

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We know that plants have been good companions during quarantine. But have you ever imagined an entire audience of plants to watch and listen to an orchestra? It happened in Barcelona when the Home of Opera he reopened the doors and did his first concert for a totally vegetable audience. Faced with so many lives and shows made for a camera, one made for plants seems quite real, doesn’t it?

Jokes aside, wouldn’t these be new ways of adapting project spaces for large agglomerations? Museums, stadiums, cinemas, theaters… There are so many areas that were without purpose in that period, right?

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Have you seen other interesting and unusual ideas recently? Leave in the comments ?

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