Unusual mix
Unusual mix

Unusual mix

Who said that a tweed dress can only be used on more formal occasions? In fact, almost every piece that you consider to be very sophisticated looks amazing with unrivaled accessories and complements! The first time I saw this dress I thought about putting it on with a heel and putting together an elegant and very feminine production. However, why not dare a little bit?
When traveling, it is practically impossible to wear high heels, especially in the towns we were visiting in Provence, with completely uneven ground. Our day was very busy, with many walks and a lot of walking…
To be very comfortable, nothing better than sneakers or boots. I preferred the second option, because the day was colder and the look was more interesting ?
Footwear is certainly what I love most about this look. In addition to having a casual model, the metallic color made all the difference in the final result of the production. This mix of styles – classic and feminine dress with modern shoes and cool – it was very different, don’t you think?
The look worked mainly because the dress model was a little shorter – if it went to the knee, for example, the proportion would be a little bit weirder. The 3/4 sleeve and the warmest fabric are perfect for a cool day, but over time I had to change because the temperature dropped a lot in the late afternoon: /
To add a touch of color, I opted for a red clutch. The rectangular model is very classic, the way I wanted to not weigh in this production that was already more daring.
The watch was also super clean and appeared only as a complement – after all, the highlight of the look was the boot!
I loved making this mix and showing how versatile a formal piece can be. Nobody deserves to have a dress like that standing in the closet, right?

    1. Dress | Tufi Duek
    2. Boot | iNBOx
    3. Purse | Kate Spade
    4. Watch | Kinfolk
    5. Jewels | Marisa Clermann

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