Unusual Weight Loss Method This woman ate more calories than ever before – and lost 22 pounds

Unusual Weight Loss Method This woman ate more calories than ever before - and lost 22 pounds

Diet and weight loss are mostly associated with starvation. The American Kelsey Byers shows, however, that it works the other way around.

Volleyball, basketball, dancing – Kelsey Byers was an active sportsman as a teenager. That changed suddenly when she left her hometown to study. With the newly won freedom, the sport slackened, there was a lot of partying, drinking alcohol and eating fast food. Of course, this also had an impact on the weight. At her peak, the 1.78 meter tall brunette weighed 82 kilos.

Intensive sport only helped to a limited extent

Until the day when a strange man called her “whale”. Byers began to eat less and ended up exercising five times a week. Also thanks to her future husband, who encouraged her to do so. Over time, the American trained down the bacon that she had ate in college. But she did not get the toned body she wanted.

But she didn’t want to starve for that. “I love food too much for that. I knew there had to be another way. A healthy way, ”she wrote on her blog.

Less was no more

A nutritionist opened this up for her. Because he made an astonishing observation: Byers had previously eaten too little. As a result, the body ran on the back burner and stored an energy store in the form of fat. So she couldn’t do anything with training in this mode.

The solution: A complete change in diet with a focus on healthy, balanced meals. The young woman now eats five to seven meals a day – an estimated 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day. Byers shares her experience and recipes on her fitness blog kelseybyers.com. And there you can also see that the young mother looks really great – without going hungry!

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