Using apparent staples

Using apparent staples

The time has passed when apparent staples were considered ugly! You don’t have to kill yourself to try to hide them in any way, the idea is just the opposite! Why not reinvent your hairstyle with the hairpins on display?
I selected 8 simple hairstyles that give the highlight deserved for this versatile accessory!



Photo 1 – Renata Abreu / Photo 2 – Tudo Orna

Simple hairstyles are a great option to start betting on the trend. Attach in X or diagonal to create a different effect. The best thing is that you can use those simple staples yourself, without different applications or colors.



Photo 1 – Chique Chix / Photo 2 – M for Women

These hairstyles are already for those who like to dare! Emma Stone and Diane Kruger are masters in this regard and have chosen to use several clips in totally unusual ways. Emma opted for the white models and distributed the accessories in an irregular way, in the cascade style. Diane made the most romantic line with a loose bun on her side and used the standing clips to clip the bangs.



Photo 1 – Um Como / Photo 2 – Bombril Doce

Nothing is more beautiful and simple than betting on a retro hairstyle. Pinning the bangs is always a good solution – and it gets even better when the bobby pins create a contrast with the hair color. Another idea is to fix clips with a different design, like the one in the second photo, on the side of the hair; this option is incredible for those who have short hair!



Photo 1 – M for Women / Photo 2 – Chic Boom

To get out of the monotony of black and gold clips, how about opting for colored models? And it gets even better! Play with geometric shapes and fun designs to compose a super cool look and Fun. I confess I was dying to try the triangle!

Ready to use your staples in a completely different way?

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