Valentine’s Day – what do we do with it?

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Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day? I do not know. In any case, I change my mind every year.

The “commercial holiday” argument is admissible, but you did offer a mountain of gifts for Christmas.

The argument “why that one day a year” a bit like the day of the woman, of kindness is also acceptable. But ultimately in our lives where we keep running, jumping from one metro to another, from one project to another, don’t we need a real argument to let everything go , for an evening. In our metro, work, sleep routine, Valentine’s Day is an evening when everything can stop. So yes, this year there will be a Valentine’s Day evening with us. I’m not going to repaint my apartment with red wallpaper, spread feathers on the floor and rose petals in the tub. But just take time for the two of us.

And as I want to leave a little trace of this moment, I’m going to write him a little letter. Also to please Lydia who in an incongruous way suggests us on one of my Instagram photos to write more letters. For that, I selected cards. Cute but not kitsch, romantic but not silly? You be the judge…

Valentine cards.  valentines day cards
Be my valentine card.  Etsy valentines card.  ClemAroundTheCorner.
Valentine card.  valentines day card.

This selection can be found on Etsy.

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