Vanilla – Extract VS Essence

Vanilla - Extract VS Essence

Vanilla - Extract VS Essence
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Today the subject is more aromatic than the chocolate. Although, is that possible? I guess so! Today we are going to talk about one of Ingredients more versatile, smelling, tasty, pleasant and complex for everyone. But you need not be scared, this spice is only classified as complex due to its composition extravagant and lovely, because its use and obtaining are very simple.

Vanilla - Extract VS Essence


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I’m sure you know what I’m talking about now, don’t you? Not yet? So, I’ll give you some more tips: this spice looks like a pod, including its name comes from spanish word: Vainilla, which means pod, because the bean it is long and opens in the middle.
THE Vainilla it has been consumed in Europe since 1520, and has been the darling of Brazilians for many years as well. Considered the only edible plant family orchids. The varieties we consume are Bourbon and Tahitian.
Some prefer to use its essence, while others prefer the extract, the biggest difference between the two, besides the flavor and the fact that the essence can be artificial, is the cost of natural fava and consequently the extract, being higher. It got easier now, didn’t it? That’s right! You got it right, we’re talking about dear Vanilla! I think that after cinnamon, it is my favorite spice, and yours, which one is it?
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There are a few ways to use this incredible spice: natural bean, just open it in half and scrape your seeds, but do not discard the peel, because it is the main agent in the preparation of vanilla extract. It is important to mention here, that the flavor is both in the seeds and in the bean itself, the difference is that the first can be added directly in the preparations, the second needs to go through a extraction.
Vanilla - Extract VS Essence
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To make the extract, just make a infusion, which is nothing more than adding vanilla bean to an alcoholic liquid, which can be vodka, for example.
Dani has already taught you how to make this extract! Alcohol causes aromatic compounds and volatile be solubilized and dissolved, getting “stuck” to the liquid instead of evaporating and ready to enrich your recipe!
The essence counts as several bases flavoring chemical compounds that resemble that of vanilla and tends to have flavor softer than the extract. The production process for this product is the distillation which evaporates liquids by concentrating the compounds.
Vanilla - Extract VS Essence
And last but not least, comes to vanilla powder, which is very tasty, but less popular. As in yours combination wonderful with sweet rice for example. In fact, this variation of vanilla takes other components, such as: starch, sugars and givre powder (glucose and vanilla crystals). It is made from the pods of ground dried vanilla.
Vanilla works beautifully with: allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, lavender, verbena, lemongrass, licorice, mint, nutmeg, poppy, seeds of Sesame and star anise, for the same reasons we talked about in the previous post, do you remember? Like the flavors combine, even though opposites?
Vanilla - Extract VS EssenceBANANA PUDDING
To summarize, if you have the possibility to use the bean and its extract, your preparation will be richer in flavors and experiences, but be sure to savor That spice so use the essence without blinking! The proportion is generally the same, because the pungency is very similar. Only the powder version that needs more attention because it contains other Ingredients in your composition. So, add it little by little to check your preference.
Vanilla - Extract VS Essence
That’s it for today!
I hope you enjoyed!

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