Vases as cups

Vases as cups

What I love about flowers is the possibility to decorate the house and make any environment more cozy. Mounting arrangements in beautiful vases is always a good idea, but I must confess that I have a thing for flowers in more unusual places …

jars-and-bottles-as-vases-inspiration-danielle-noce-2 Photo – Interior Design 2011 (Tumblr)

The jars are super charming options! Everyone can find a cute model at home and even the simplest ones come to life with the little plants, right?
Look at how many places flower pots look amazing, from the bathroom to the office:

jars-and-bottles-as-vases-inspiration-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Atelie Gaaya | Ana Rosa (Tumblr) | I Decorate | Inspiration Lane | Lovin Blog | Pinterest | Decoration Findings | Pinterest | Betty Gaeta | SF Girl By Bay

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