Vases: Versatile and Functional

Vases: Versatile and Functional

Some kitchen utensils can have several functions at the same time, just be creative when thinking about each one. Jars, for example, besides being used to serve drinks, are a great way to decorate. Because they are small and delicate, they give a special touch to the space.
I confess that ceramic items are my favorites. They look more sophisticated and charming, you know? Not to mention the variation in formats that makes each of these pieces unique.

On the table

Jars scattered on the table are cute. They can be used both as decoration, if you choose to put a little flower inside it, as well as to serve the drink. To make the composition even more elegant and different, try adding different jar sizes – all matching each other!
If you want to serve just a cup of coffee for the visit, they are also a way to make the tray more colorful. You can be sure that it will make all the difference when setting up a table, especially at breakfast or in the afternoon snack ?


The jars are also super functional, so they can be used as organizers inside the kitchen. Utensils like spoons, forks or spatulas, used more often, can be displayed in a more interesting way, you know?
The result is beautiful and makes the kitchen super charming. In addition, it is very practical to have these everyday objects within easy reach. For this type of organization, be sure to bet on the combination of different pots and vases!


It is impossible not to find the decoration with jars and vases fascinating. This type of product brings a more relaxed air to the environment and a special touch to tables, corners and shelves. Try to observe the style of your house and choose a vase suitable for him, so that the object is not disjointed around others.
The diversity of the models will help to compose a very different and authentic decor, especially if you follow a pattern. Like the ceramic ones, they all come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

Where to find

Vases: Versatile and Functional
1- Milk Jar in Collector – R $ 125,00
2- Stoneware jug at Zara Home – R $ 199.90
3- Medium Ceramic Vase at Casa que Tem – R $ 139.00
4- Ivy Jar in SouQ – R $ 229.00
5- Patrizia Rosa vase in the Collector – R $ 245.00
6- Scandinavian Vase at Casa Mind
7- Hulu Jar at SouQ – R $ 99.00
8- Emily Mini Ceramic Vase at Collector – R $ 90,00
9- Patrizia Jar in Home Decor – R $ 149.00
10- Paddywax Large Table Candle in Home Decor – R $ 140.00

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