Vegan vegetarian home – SP

Vegan vegetarian home - SP

I had planned to have lunch at another vegetarian that day, but before that, I was going to stop by a store to get my lens from the camera and I happened to end up in a VERY INTERESTING place, the Vegan Vegetarian Home!
I decided to have lunch there and see what it was like.
In fact, I found out that it is a very traditional place among the vegetarian / vegan crowd. The Home has existed since 2004 and moved to several places, until today it is in Pompeii.
During lunch hours it works as follows, R $ 18.00 and is eaten at will. The buffet has several options, all vegan! I confess that I was dazzled by all that vegan option and I wanted to move next door and have lunch there every day!
I found the food very tasty and tasty. Everything well seasoned and whet my appetite just to remember! I made a dish with roasted vegetables, rice, beans, vegetable sausage, breaded cauliflower, tofu on the plate and soy protein drumstick.
In addition, I tried the Papauva cocktail (papaya with organic grape juice) and I found it very tasty! I don’t really like grape or papaya, but the drink is delicious and has a milkshake texture!
For dessert, I ate a piece of prestigious cake, which was wet and sweet!
The place is small below, but it has an upstairs that holds more people and in addition a play area for children. Those who enjoy the outdoor area can also stay outside, under the umbrella!
As if that were not enough, the Home still works with vegan products that you can take home, a space with books and t-shirts on vegetarianism and veganism. In the evening, the house works with pizzas and snacks that are also delivered at home!
I haven’t tried the snacks or the pizza yet, unfortunately, but I will soon do that because I loved their food so much! I brought home their vegan “cheese” and made a snack with a vegan hamburger (which I made myself), and I confess that it was one of the best vegetable cheeses I have ever tasted, if not the best.
I think that’s it! In summary, as you may have noticed from everything you have said so far, it was a place with many options and a super affordable price!
I really enjoyed it and I will be back often!
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