Vegetarian recipes: 7 options for an easy and delicious lunch
Vegetarian recipes 7 options for an easy and delicious lunch

Vegetarian recipes: 7 options for an easy and delicious lunch

Even with so many ingredients at home, it is sometimes difficult to think of combinations that yield delicious and easy to prepare lunches. The good news is that here we have seven options for vegetarian recipes simple and delicious, with a special bonus at the end of the text for those who do not give up dessert.
I already say that practically all the recipes are easy to make, so you don’t have to worry about having to prepare something very elaborate. Now let’s get down to business!


The vegan version of one of the most traditional dishes in Brazil is as delicious as the one made with animal protein. Here, the creaminess is due to the cashew nut cream and tomato sauce.
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Colorful dishes make anyone’s day happier, especially when prepared with great care. The secret of this Moroccan couscous lies in the special spices and side dishes that make the difference, such as roasted pumpkin and hummus.
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There are days when all we want most is a super easy lunch to make so we don’t have too much work – and not so much dishes to wash. When that happens, nothing better than betting on a good pasta. To make it more nutritious, bet on vegetables of your choice. In this recipe, for example, we mainly use spinach and zucchini ?
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How about using tomatoes as a type of pot for a hot quinoa salad? This is a super light lunch option and is great for anyone living with more than one person, as it yields four servings of tomatoes.
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Of course, we couldn’t miss a burger option on our list of vegetarian recipes. This version is made from chickpeas and quinoa, with red cabbage and avocado as a complement. Here it is interesting to replace a brioche bread with a salt and water bread if you are a strict vegetarian – in addition to using olive oil instead of butter to give that golden brown in the ingredients.
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Nothing better than using a vegetable to prepare a very different pasta. In addition, this zucchini pasta recipe becomes even more special because of the tomato sauce with caramelized garlic. Take a look at the recipe to see how easy it is to make at home:
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An Arab classic that is on the menu of almost every vegetarian: falafel! For those who are looking for a very protein option for lunch, this is the ideal choice. Bet on various spices to make the taste even better.
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Everyone deserves a sweetie after lunch, don’t they? Brownie it is one of the easiest desserts to make in life and the result is always delicious. For being so versatile, I leave you with two very interesting options: one, made from sweet potatoes; the second, with black beans as the main ingredient along with cocoa, of course. I guarantee that both are delicious and will be a hit at your home – and even among non-vegetarian friends ?
Sweet potato brownie recipe
Brownie recipe with black beans

Enjoy each of these vegetarian recipes and be sure to share them with us if you make any of them at home ?

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