Velvet for what I want you!


As the weather is unstable, it rained, it was sunny, I put on this blouse that is very nice and still has a bow on the sleeve. To complete the look, a velvet skirt, a varnish belt with a bow to mark the waist. Finally, a heart sock, a delicate varnish shoe and a beautiful pink bag!
look_ootd_dani_danielle_noce_bolsa_katespade_meia_coracao_americanapparel_esmalte_saia_veludo_preto look_ootd_dani_danielle_noce_preto_vermelho_blusa_saia_cinto_sapato_bolsa_katespade_santalola_thaisgusmao_meia_coracao_americanapparel
look_ootd_dani_danielle_noce_sapato_preto_verniz_salto_meia_coracao_santalola_americanapparel What did you think of the look?
Kate Spade Blouse
Get out | American Apparel
American Apparel Sock
Belt | Thais Gusmão
Purse | Kate Spade
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