Velvet in the details

Velvet in the details

Velvet has been on the decor for a while, right? Trends aside, when the material is used in just a few details, it weighs nothing in the composition – quite the contrary, it adds a lot more style and personality ?
You may even find that a velvet sofa is too flashy, but smaller furniture like armchairs, chairs and puffs are perfect for adding more texture to the decor.

Velvet in the details

Photo: anthropology

It was thinking about how to invest in the fabric in a more delicate and modern way that I selected some incredible pieces that can complement the decor.
In addition to being a very welcome material in more classic environments, velvet can be used without fear in retro spaces, boho or even in more sophisticated rooms. Doubt? Look how many ideas and references!


Velvet in the details

Photos: Apartment Therapy and Nordic Design

The pillows are excellent alternatives for those who are still afraid to invest in a fabric upholstery. The flat models are my favorites and they will surely become the highlight of that neutral sofa ?


For the more daring, it is worth thinking about the velvet headboards. In addition to the matelasse, capitonê and button, which are true classics, you can invest in more modern and straight pieces. In order not to attract so much attention, how about betting on ton sur ton between the wall and the headboard? It is a charm!

Chairs or Armchairs

Velvet in the details

Photos: Paper & Stich via Pinterest and Dutch Bone

I’m a fan of colorful chairs and if there’s a fabric that makes this mix even more evident, it’s velvet. In fact, the pieces in the material usually appear in more sober tones and therefore make the whole environment more sophisticated.

The armchairs, on the other hand, appear in the most varied shades. The more robust model with toothpick feet is perfect for bringing a retro touch to the living room without having to invest in a classic sofa of the material. Now, if you are more modern and think you can’t bet on the fabric, how about a piece with a metallic structure?

Puffs and Banks

Velvet in the details

Photos: Lottaagaton and The Interior Editor

Do you find chairs and armchairs very striking pieces, but did you like the idea of ​​bringing the fabric to the decor? Smaller puffs are great options! Even those who have a more neutral decorating style can bring the famous “touch of color” with the piece ?

The benches and chairs are excellent alternatives for those who enjoy a more discreet design, but not without grace.


Velvet in the details
1- Pillows at Americanas: Off White Model – R $ 19.90 and Silver Model – R $ 15.90
2- Armchair at Mobly – R $ 809.08
3- Puff on Mobly – R $ 129.90
4- Armchair in Etna – R $ 599.90
5- Headboard at Americanas – R $ 261.00

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