Veronica Ferres Radiantly beautiful thanks to the Paleo diet?
Veronica ferres radiantly beautiful thanks to the paleo diet

Veronica Ferres Radiantly beautiful thanks to the Paleo diet?

With the Paleo diet, actress Veronica Ferres lost five kilos and has more beautiful skin than ever. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox also swear by the Stone Age diet.

Radiant, slim and with smooth skin Veronica Ferres (48) can be seen tonight in her new film “Mein Mann, ein Mörder” on ZDF. But how does she manage to look so young at almost 50? “I eat the Paleo diet. I lost five kilos with it. I was never aware of the importance of good fats – such as flax and coconut oil or avocado – for well-being and health, although I have tried a lot of diets “revealed Veronica Ferres in an interview with” Bild “.

The Paleo diet simulates the presumed diet of people in the Paleolithic before agriculture and livestock, in which meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, mushrooms and nuts are mainly eaten. “I don’t eat sugar, no grain, no dairy products. I bake my own bread with nuts and cranberries and break an egg in. Absolutely delicious. My skin has never been so smooth and fine-pored,” said Veronica Ferres, explaining her strict diet.

Singer Tom Jones (73) also went on the Paleo diet and lost 15 kilograms in five months, as he told the English radio station BBC 2 in 2011. In Hollywood, Miley Cyrus (21), Jessica Biel (31) and Megan Fox (27) are also fans of Stone Age nutrition.

With her healthy diet and exercise, Veronica Ferres feels better than ever: “I don’t worry about getting older. I feel better than when I was in my early 30s. I know exactly where I am, who I am and what I want”, she said. “But I also do a lot for it. I live healthy and every morning I get on the cross trainer or go running.”

When asked whether women are stronger than men, she replied: “Yes, especially when they are mothers. Women need less sleep, are more productive. In the end, the whole responsibility for careers and children often rests with us women. It is us in the genes that we want to protect our offspring. Men can be overwhelmed by it faster. “

Tonight Veronica Ferres can be seen in the TV movie “My man, a murderer” at 8:15 pm on ZDF in the role of a betrayed wife.

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