Vests to Heat Without Weighing
Vests to heat without weighing

Vests to Heat Without Weighing

Mid season is my favorite time when it comes to fashion, after all, you can bet on third pieces without toasting and we still don’t need heavy jackets that “cover” the whole look. One of the most versatile pieces this season is the vest and I can guarantee that at least one model will fit your style!
As there is a multitude of models, fabrics and styles of vests, I thought it was worth making a more complete post about the piece. Aah, and as a good part of Brazil doesn’t have that cold winter, they are great options to stay warm without anything too heavy.


Perhaps this is the most versatile alternative, after all, the elongated tailoring vest works very well in work looks, super casual, sophisticated … Almost always the piece fits like a glove! For those who have a more basic style or like practical productions for everyday life, I would say that this is an almost indispensable item. That’s because just use a basic look underneath that look is much more charming.

Jeans / Series

Photos: Upbeat Soles e Montenr

Now, if you have a much more casual style and value comfort, jeans and twill models are excellent options. The versions too big they are my favorites because you can use them on a lighter outfit to make them charming, but you can also put on a sweatshirt or a thicker knit underneath on colder days ?


Lightness in measure! Knitting also works on several occasions and it is impossible to deny that the material makes any look more cozy, right? The models with larger collars have a beautiful fit, but you can also find slightly more structured versions.


Photos: Crystalin Marie and Glam Radar

Do you like a more sporty look? Nylon vests, also known as swollen, are perfect! It is a fact that the material is warmer and therefore it is a great option for that day with a lot of temperature variation, you know? Those who live in São Paulo know what I’m talking about, haha ​​?

By Fake

Last, but not least, we have the warm and fluffy vests. In addition to holding the heat well, these pieces make any monochromatic and basic production into a more modern look and with that super interesting mix of textures.
I’m suspicious to talk about fake fur pieces, because I love the result – I’ve even made a post about coats here on the site. And do you also enjoy these bulky models?


You can’t deny that there are models for all styles, right? That’s why I made a selection of 10 very eclectic pieces! I hope you like it as much as I do, after all, I’m just waiting for the cold to arrive usar

1- Renner’s Removable Hooded Vest – R $ 219.90
2- Fur Moscow Double Sided Vest in MOB at Shop2gether – R $ 525.00
3- Shoulder Knitting Vest – R $ 359.00
4- Colcci Maxi Twill Vest at Dafiti – R $ 289.99
5- AMARO Essential Tailoring Vest – R $ 189.90
6- Colcci Blue Loose Jeans Vest at Dafiti – R $ 269.99
7- Renner’s Ultra Light Vest – R $ 159.90
9- Renner’s Elongated Artificial Fur Vest – R $ 199.90
10- Shoulder Tailoring Viscose Vest – R $ 499.00

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