Vibrant Streak: Touch of Color in the Eyes

Vibrant Streak: Touch of Color in the Eyes

When it comes to looks and fashion productions, I hardly forget to put that color point in the look – it’s usually a vibrant detail in some piece or, of course, a striking accessory. However, when it comes to beauty, I confess that I almost always stay in neutrals.
Occasionally I try to use a more colorful lipstick, but I end up not running away from reds and pinks. Despite loving and inspiring me super in shadows and multicolored outlines, when it comes to making that insecurity beat. The eye pencils, however, escape a little from this rule and it is not for nothing that I have several colors scattered around my necessaries.

Vibrant Streak: Touch of Color in the Eyes

Photo: Tom Newton for Into the Gloss

Even if I don’t use colored products as often as I would like, I think that pencils are much easier to apply and leave that subtle touch of color in the make up. The vibrant strokes can give that differentiation in everyday makeup, you know? The best thing is that you can use it in the most varied ways: in the inner, outer corner, close to the upper, lower, smoky lashes, in the water line… There is no lack of possibilities ?

Isn’t that a good tip to highlight the look in a different way? I loved the idea for those days when we want to give that daring even with a basic look! In addition, this is a great option to enhance your skin tone, see?

For some time now, I’ve heard a lot about discovering your color chart and certainly bringing a tone that values ​​you to this region makes all the difference


As you may imagine, there is no shortage of products to invest in this area! You will certainly find colored options in all brands (blue is the most common), but I still decided to gather a selection of 10 pencils of different colors, textures and prices ?
Vibrant Streak: Touch of Color in the Eyes
1- Artist colored pencils for makeup forever (color: 712) at Sephora | R $ 79.00
2- Aqua XL Eye Pencil by Make Up Forever (color: M-92) at Sephora | R $ 85.00
3- Eudora Soul Eye Pencil (color: blue that matches) at The Beauty Box | R $ 22.99
4- Urban Decay Glide-On 24/7 Eye Pencil (color: junkie) at Sephora | R $ 119.00
5- MAC chromographic pencil (color: primary yellow) | R $ 76.00
6- Maybelline Experwear Eyeshadow Color Show Eye Pencil (color: 45 Turquoise) at The Beauty Box | R $ 27.90
7- Natura Faces Pencil (color: orange) at DrogaRaia | R $ 13.90
8- Pencil Eyes (color: rosaton) by Who Said, Berenice? at The Beauty Box | R $ 27.90
9- Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil (color: Clubbing Purple Night) by Bourjois at The Beauty Box | R $ 42.90
10- Matte Eyes Pencil (color: verdrink) by Who Said, Berenice? | R $ 27.90

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