Victoria’s Secret Victoria Beckham’s Anti-Aging Diet

Victoria's Secret Victoria Beckham's Anti-Aging Diet

She is slim, stylish and just doesn’t seem to age: Victoria Beckham. What is the secret of your anti aging diet?

Designer and former singer Victoria Beckham (41) is not only known as the wife of soccer star David Beckham (40), but also by her figure. We all remember terrifying photos of a Victoria that was way too thin. But she has left that time behind. Today she stands out mainly because of her young, almost youthful appearancethat belies their age. How does she do it? We did some research.

Extreme treatments

Like many Hollywood stars, Victoria Beckham spends unimaginably large sums of money on her good looks. Several thousand euros a month are invested in the appearance and the latest anti-aging trends.

Victoria regularly goes to the treatment of Dr. Harold Lancer, Hollywood’s beauty specialist. His “rejuvenation cures” sound very hard to get used to, but they seem to be incredibly effective. The ex-Spice Girl regularly joins me Sheep placenta or that Nightingale droppings to treat. Both are said to slow down the aging process of the skin. If you look Victoria Beckham in the face, you immediately believe it. But is that all?

Exercise and strict diet

Creams, facials and fancy tinctures are only part of Victoria’s beauty secret. Much of her great looks are coming through exercise and a strict nutrition plan.

Are on Victoria’s menu only high quality ingredients: Fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and plenty of water. This allows Victoria to maintain the perfect balance between detox, hydration, proteins, minerals and nutrients. Free radicals are bound, cell renewal is stimulated and the water cushions your skin in the right places. You just look at Victoria Beckham and it is no wonder she looks like her late twenties.

However, she should perhaps reconsider the cure with sheep placenta and prefer to have a drink made from lemon, cayenne pepper, turmeric and agave in the evening. This also has a rejuvenating effect, binds free radicals and takes much less getting used to.

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