VidCon’s most amazing looks

VidCon's most amazing looks

Whenever I go abroad I come across very stylish people and different beees – and fun looks, of course! This time I decided to photograph the best I found at VidCon.
The people who go to the event are already super cool and cool! It was even difficult to choose just those to take pictures, since almost all are amazing. And look, the boys outdid themselves. The male looks were wonderful !!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
The infernal heat was no reason for him to take off his coat! Also, a bear coat cannot be left in the closet, right? Another thing I really liked was the golden high-top sneakers!
This one was more basic, but still super stylish. He left the coolest look with accessories: hat, rosary used as a necklace, sunglasses, bracelets… The look was amazing!
Destroyed jeans is a passion! The mix of the striped t-shirt with the plaid shirt tied was even more amazing! To complete, the white bootie is the most fashion item of the look.
Blazer, t-shirt and … Flowery pants yes! To wear a look like this you have to have personality, but this mixture was too much! The light pink shoelace is also another unusual aspect of the look.
How not to love? If the person decides to leave the house with an ice cream print shirt, he already won me over! The sneakers with very vibrant colors left the look even more fresh!
I was crazy about that look! High-waisted shorts with big buttons, loose blouse in a beautiful green, olive bag, hat and, to top it off, a short fringe bootie. The boho style predominates, but in a very light way!
The boxy glasses with the plaid shirt makes the look more geek. Even so, he managed to break with his shorts and his slip-on sneakers – the face of summer!
Hat, hair, shorts, printed leggings, sneakers with wings (YES!) And sooo much style. To use and hold such a look you have to have personality. Amazing!
Couldn’t miss the emoji sweatshirt set, right? The look, besides being super comfortable, is really fun!
In addition to the blue hair she did with the model nothing basic. Coturno with colored sock; pleated skirt with “crown of fire” and colorful eyebrows drew attention at VidCon.
The most street footprint was also present in the looks there! Shorts, t-shirt, cap, sneakers and socks – is there anything more comfortable than that?

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