Vintage, retro, bobo – Habitat Vintage 1964 Saint Ouen

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Stroll at Habitat Vintage in Saint Ouen. Sometimes I have the impression that he just needs to call an object vintage so that this old mustached man who empties his attic can sell quickly and be on time for the aperitif.

Shopkeeper friends, it’s your moment of glory, vintage is completely hyped.

Do we all dream of vintage?

If the grandfather of the Montreuil flea market understood this well when he tried to give you his Formica table, so do supermarkets. Today more than ever we curse our parents who, a few years ago, capitulated and dumped the furniture passed on by their own parents.

Ikea has brought its MK star chair from the 50’s up to date. This is to say how much, I’m not the only one to have fun with old stuff!

IKEA MK 1951 pub advertising 50s vintage fifities - blog déco - clem around the corner
Strandmon Ikea armchair - 299 €
Strandmon Ikea armchair now available again!

Vintage habitat: bargain hunting in your own brand

As a result of Habitat, the strategy is a little different. We don’t relaunch old designs. But on the contrary, the team sources its own pieces to put them back on the market. The story of furniture and more!

Thus, they opened Habitat 1964, a vintage space in Saint Ouen to admire the old collections of the house.

And that gives something completely sore! There are old second-hand Habitat furniture (no reissue). So if you’re a bit nostalgic, I’ve found your temple.

Habitat Vintage Saint Ouen visit china retro furniture board - Clem Around The Corner

At 77-81 rue des Rosiers in Saint Ouen, in a courtyard reveals this new trendy place.

Behind a large tagged portal, Habitat vintage shares a large courtyard with the Steinitz and Mademoiselle Steinitz restoration workshop, which offers period furniture and objects on the ground floor.

But let’s go back to Habitat Vintage. In a large warehouse, authentic furniture from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

vintage habitat paris saint ouen

The other good thing about this Habitat Vintage is that you can sell your furniture to them. You fill out the form, your furniture is appraised and Habitat buys it back from you.

Vintage Habitat Bookcase 1964

You will therefore find a lot of wicker armchairs, chairs and tables

Habitat Vintage 1964 rattan bicycle
Habitat Vintage 1964 - Armchair in chromed steel wire

It is this point that amused me the most during my visit. And yes! I found the side table and the 80s bar that was hanging out at my parents’ house and that I sold to them a few weeks ago. I thought they were going to fix them up a bit, especially the side table whose top shelf suffered a lot. But no, it’s there, as it is, just sold for 4 times more than the price I gave them ?

Armchair, chest of drawers, coffee table - Habitat Vintage 1964

Finally, you can find the famous light coffee table Daft Punk to afford for a few small € 5,500.

Daft Punk Table - Habitat Vintage 1964

But if Saint Ouen is too far!

And now, it’s your turn:

Club Jazz armchair
Club Made armchair
Egg Of Colombus Seletti pendant light
Egg of Columbus pendant light Seletti
Pouf WooufAll Foam - Woouf!
Pouf All Foam Woouf!
Vintage Delvin chair
Pairs of Devlin Made chairs
Bistro housewife - La Chaise Longue
La Chaise Longue Wall Clock
Carpet Racket at Habitat
Habitat carpet racket
Cyborg armchair - Magis
Cyborg armchair wicker back Magis
Alabastro candle holder - Leonardo
Alabastro Leonardo candle holder

If you dream of discovering the fleas of Saint Ouen, the recommend the guided tour of the Petit Studiolo.

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