Visit the Saint Ouen flea market

Visit the Saint Ouen flea market

My week started off in an atypical way. In fact, I spent a few hours visiting the Saint Ouen flea market in the company of an expert who, as time went by, revealed her tips to me, told anecdotes and stopped me at the most interesting stands.

I had already strolled several times at the Saint Ouen flea market, the den of vintage. In particular almost a year ago to discover theVintage Habitat space 1964 which only resells parts of the brand manufactured during the previous decades.

So this visit was the opportunity to once again stroll the alleys of the Dauphine and Vernaison markets.

Vintage leather decoration suitcase

But strolling between the stands had not generated great encounters or wonderful discoveries. Probably because I didn’t know where to stop or where to look.

Visit the Saint Ouen flea market differently

Visiting the Saint Ouen flea market with Anne-Sophie from the Petit Studiolo means walking around accompanied by an Art expert who knows the different markets, the stands like his pocket. She talks to the puciers, they call her Anne-Sophie.

Anne-sophie, the little studiolo, Visit the Saint Ouen flea market differently.

We all want to find a fifties row to wow our friends. Then, we dream of Scandinavian armchairs from the 60s. But we spent hours in the right place to finally not take the risk of moving “for nothing”. The Saint-Ouen flea market allows you to touch, approach and discuss with the seller. Here again, you have to be a connoisseur to know where to stop and detect the rare pearl.

Saint Ouen Flea Market

Anne-Sophie offers you a questionnaire prior to the visit to prepare the trip according to your tastes and desires. And if you want to acquire a work, it guides you among the 1,700 stands, according to your criteria and your budget.

The little Studiolo: Saint Ouen in expert hands

The visit lasts 2:30 and costs 70 € if you are alone, 45 € per person if you are two. Anne-Sophie goes through flea markets with you, helps you find a piece according to your envelope, and explains the workings of the art market.

50s sideboard apple box vernaison market Visit the Saint Ouen flea market
Vintage eastern europe 50s armchair

This atypical activity is part of the cutting edge selection of Histoire de Cadeaux. Do you remember this e-shop? I told you about it a few months ago and their products regularly appear in my shopping wishlists, especially their magnificent Scandinavian-style cushion.

Finds vintage lighting caustra library Visit the Saint Ouen flea market
DIY flowerpot wooden crate market Visit the Saint Ouen flea market
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