Visual dark – but not so much!

Visual dark - but not so much!

You know that dark makeup that we see in life’s instagrans and we fall in love? The problem is that we are often unable to use it, because it is very heavy and hardly matches our style. But you don’t have to be discouraged! There are smoother variations of this look!
I separated 5 tips for you to achieve this look!

Impacting eyes


Photo 1 – Women / Photo 2 – Fashion shoot / Photo 3 – Getty Images

Smudging is the best way to achieve this mysterious look. Whether with the classic black or with reddish brown and aubergine variations, the look is super strong and powerful! Another very cool tip is to bet on shadows with wet effect (photo 3) – in addition to the tone getting more intense, the make gets a different touch.

Marked eyebrows


Photo 1 – VIP Animlar / Photo 2 – Shop de Vour / Photo 3 – Style Bistro

One thing that many people forget is to mark their eyebrows and correct the flaws. They make all the difference in a look in which the eyes are super powerful. If you are also not Cara Delevingne with those full and beautiful eyebrows, just correct with a pencil of the correct tone.

Marking with illuminator or white pencil just below the eyebrow is also a good tip!



Photo 1 – Caster Style / Photo 2 – Dishonest fashion / Photo 3 – Who wears it

Blood red, wine, purple or even black … The mouth is another great highlight in this look. Variations in textures are also released: from matte to liquid lipstick, what matters is to draw attention to your lips!

Dark nails


Photo 1 – Radar Glam / Photo 2 – Mil rings / Photo 3 – Playbuzz

Goths use the longest and most often pointy nails. But of course, you don’t need this to have a more alternative look. Just use a dark enamel and test variations: inverted francesinha with gold, gradients …



Photo 1 – O Ruivo (Tumblr) / Photo 2 – Beauty Editor / Photo 3 – Deviant Art

Brunettes, blondes or redheads! The important thing here is the most impactful tone possible! Brunettes with very black hair, platinum blondes and bright reds are the best options! The texture of the hair is usually more “rotten”, a smooth knead, undone curls and imperfect waves (I have already taught here).
Ready to test?

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