Vitamin Bomb You probably didn’t know these 5 facts about sweet potatoes!

Vitamin Bomb You probably didn't know these 5 facts about sweet potatoes!

It is not only known for its reddish flesh, its sweet taste will also be remembered by anyone who tries it. The sweet potato delights whole peoples. Five phenomenal facts you did not know yet!

The sweet potato is sometimes also called batata. A fitting term for a potato that isn’t actually a potato. The tuber grows in the earth, but that is the only thing in common with the staple food. Sweet potatoes couldn’t be more versatile. You can boil, bake, fry and deep-fry them like French fries. Thus, they are a real alternative to the potato that is very common in our country and a healthy one too!

1. Phenomenal fact: Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamins

Vegetables are healthy – we’ve known that for a long time! How healthy mostly not. The sweet tuber contains vitamin A and beta carotene. A lot of it! Just 100 grams cover your daily daily requirement by more than 150 or 420 percent! Crazy, right? This means that sweet potatoes contain almost as much beta carotene as carrots.

2. Phenomenal fact: natural antiaging can be so delicious!

The vitamin E contained in sweet potatoes protects your skin cells from aging. Would you have thought that 100 grams of sweet potato contain more than a third of the vitamin that the body needs every day? So beauty is really a pleasure.

3. Phenomenal fact: sweet potatoes are more popular than ever

The tubers can grow into real bombers! They can grow up to 30 centimeters and weigh a few kilograms. That is also necessary: ​​120 million tons are harvested (and also consumed) every year. The mammoth portion comes from China. Sweet potatoes from German supermarkets mostly come from Israel or South America. But the potato is not only popular with humans, even animals do not stop at it! Deer, pigs and other game plunder entire graves before the harvest, so that not much is left of them. No wonder, after all, there is a reason for this popularity: the sweet potatoes are really irresistibly delicious!

4. Phenomenal Fact: Sweet potato peels prevent many diseases

Not only can you enjoy the pulp, you shouldn’t forget the skin either. It contains the special substance “Caiapo”. This is a real miracle cure: it protects your body against diseases such as anemia, high blood pressure and diabetes. Wow, bring on the bowl!

5. Phenomenal fact: The pulp is particularly rich in fiber

Compared to normal potatoes, the juicy potato contains significantly more fiber. In this way, you regulate your blood sugar level, stay full longer and even actively prevent insulin resistance. So sweet potatoes are not only delicious, they also fill you up and help you keep your figure slim.

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