Vitamin C bombs beauty food: blueberry

Vitamin C bombs beauty food: blueberry

They’re tasty, they’re light, and most importantly, they’re healthy. Blueberries have only just achieved their status as superfood, so they will receive the next award as a beauty booster in 2015.

blueberries were already an important part of the food culture of North American indigenous peoples. There are around 30 varieties Blueberries and the most popular are already Cultivated for over 100 years. Over time, they could become more and more one absolute beauty essential moult. Now it says: Eat well thanks to blueberries!

Goodbye to wrinkles

The little balls really promise the blue of the sky! You are supposed to Counteract wrinkling. The fruit gets its deep blue color from the high amount of anthocyaninscontained in it. This plant substance can die in the human body neutralize free radicals. So the Slows down the aging process become. So a real one Anti aging miracle!

Cheer up thanks to the super fruit

But not only that: The strong concentration of vitamin C the blueberry plumps up the skin. Thus the face looks special fresh and fit out. Who else needs concealer? It is better to take a handful of the miracle cure every day – and the great benefits become noticeable. In addition, blueberries are also considered real Brain food. But not only that …

Blueberries for disease prevention

This is one of the positive effects of the berry Preventing chronic diseases and inflammation. The fruit, known regionally as blue or blackberry, helps with that Strengthening the immune system. Is that why they are a Cancer remedies is, remains controversial. Unfortunately, there are no long-term research results on this topic yet. Nevertheless, one can be sure: blueberries are real Vitamin bombs! And join them Inflammation of the mucous membranes When used, they can – due to the tannins they contain – actually be a very effective agent.

Tastiest in season

If the blueberry comes from your own garden or from the region, the chance of a higher concentration of valuable vitamins is better than with berries from farms. Yet you are never in front of the Pressure sensitivity immune to fruit. Unfortunately, this only makes the blue bead for a lot Keeps for a few days.

Also note: the blueberry has season only from mid-July to the end of August in Germany. And it is precisely during this time that the beauty food tastes best!

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