Voodoo Knife Holder

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There are days that do not favor you.
You woke up and the hair wasn’t working. Then he made that beautiful flat iron and when he left the house that toró fell, just on the day you forgot your umbrella at home. Then, because of the rain, all the available transports were full and you arrived late (o) at work. The boss saw it, gave that loud scolding and made sure to remind in front of everyone that you have a lot of late reports. Then, the food from the company canteen you ate for lunch gave you that big bellyache. And to end your day with a flourish, your ex calls to make your life hell.
If you are a fan of macumbas, spells, sympathies, voodoos, etc and such, I think it is time to do something to ward off bad energy … Why, after all, who has never had (several) days like this is not it?
Now if you, like me, are not only not fond of any macumba and derivatives but you are also terrified of these things, better drink just a little sugar water and have fun with a great invention by designer Raffaele Iannello: your Voodoo collection / The EX for kitchen! Exorcise your demons with these voodoo dolls! There’s the snack bar, you stick the little stick with the snack sticks and also the set of knives! More creative impossible!
And get out there, uruca! ; D

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