Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

Do you know when a restaurant conquers you just for decoration? Well, that’s the case with Voskhodin Moscow. Although many people criticize the menu saying that it is not all that, I confess that I loved every detail – which, by the way, you can check on this vlog ?
Well, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a more detailed post about the place for you to understand a little better why the decoration, the name and, of course, know more about the menu. Shall we start with the name of the restaurant? Voskhod was a Soviet space mission program, in which the first mission, Voskhod 1, 1964, was the first to take more than one man into space.
That already explains the decoration of the place, right? THE space theme is in every detail of the environment. What is most striking is definitely the huge “orbit” chandelier in the center of the room!

Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

Photo: Sundukovy Sisters

The waiters in overalls, the mini astronaut as a vase on the table and the sculpture of the planet as an “account holder” are also super charming items. In terms of decoration, this was certainly the coolest restaurant of the entire trip!

Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

Photos: Restaurant Guru

But let’s get to what really matters? Volskhod is a restaurant of soviet cuisine with a footprint contemporary. Yes, no matter how different the décor is, the dishes are based on traditional cuisine. For us, tourists, this is great, right? I at least love to try typical foods at each destination.
Even for vegetarians this is a good option, okay? I asked for input one salted cured tomato with a cheese called Moldaviah Bryndza – super soft and very savory – which came seasoned with balsamic. Everything was very fresh, simple, but still delicious.
Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

For main course I couldn’t resist a classic Vareniki. Despite its Polish origin, this baked “pastry” is very common in Russia. Mine was stuffed with cottage cheese and served with Raisins of course, cream apart. For those who don’t know, smetana is a very improved and supertraditional sour cream in Russia – you can’t miss it on the trip!
Paulo, as always, opted for bolder options on the menu. Inbound, he asked milk mushrooms from Siberia soaked in cream (according to him, it was more acidic, unlike smetana). It was like one mushroom pickles, very similar to what he experienced in this video here. This time the preparation made a lot more sense and the dish was very tasty.
Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

THE sturgeon fillet was chosen as the main course. For those who do not know, this fish is huge and its roe are true delicacies – who has never heard of caviar, right? Paulo found the fish dense and more fibrous than ordinary, but still delicious! The dish came with spinach and Pomegranates follow-up ?
Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

Drinks are also worth mentioning! The drinks menu is very complete and I swear we were willing to try several. We chose two: the classic Moscow Mule which, incredible as it may seem, has an American origin, and the Russian milk punch. The first has that herbal touch of ginger beer and lemon, very delicious.

Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

Photo: @voshodrest

The second surprised us more! Despite being practically translucent, which left us thinking it would be with a lot of vodka, the drink is, yes, lighter. He takes pumpkin juice with vodka, lemon and vanilla. The light color is due to the clarification with milk, a secret formula of the restaurant.
And when the restaurant is good, what do we do? Order dessert! Voskhod deserved it and we went back to the classic honey cake – I already taught you how to make a version! I confess that dumpling was not as delicious as what we ate in St. Petersburg, but the mango ice cream that came together perfectly matched and made everything better.
Voskhod: The Restaurant You Must Know in Moscow

There really was no lack of reasons for us to love the restaurant experience, right? The location is also great! The Voskhod is inside the Zaryadye Park and close to Red Square ? It is worth remembering that we were able to get in more calmly because we went to lunch at 3pm, but if you want to eat at the most “common” time or dinner, better get there early because there is usually a queue.
Address: Varvarka str, 6 – Zaryadye Park
Opening Hours: 12h to 00h and brunch on Sundays from 12h to 17h

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