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Living new and challenging experiences was certainly what motivated us to visit Jordan and, more specifically, the Wadi Rum desert. As you know, Paulo and I had the opportunity to not only visit the region, but also spend a night in this incredible place – for those who haven’t seen the vlog, just click here.
Although it seems strange to sleep in the middle of a desert, the hotels and tents at Wadi Rum have an infrastructure that allows tourists to live unforgettable experiences. First of all, getting to know the region at night is one of the most beautiful things in the world – despite the intense cold, I have never seen such a starry sky in my life. If you are already thinking of spending a night there, it is worth going at a time when there is no full moon, as the visibility of the stars increases ?

Photos – Luxury camp Wadi Rum

Paulo and I chose to sleep in a Bedouin tent. For those who don’t know, Bedouins are the nomads who have inhabited this region for centuries. Today, with the encouragement of tourism, several locals have opened camps like the one we stayed at. In addition to living this experience of sleeping in the tent, there they offer breakfast, dinner and even tell more about the local culture.
We stayed at the Moon Valley Tourist Camp ([email protected]). We really liked the food and the service was very good overall. Our biggest problem there was the cold in the tent at night. We do not know until today if any crack was open or if the tent did not have the necessary heating, but we were very cold. Although we have the heaviest blankets I have ever seen, they were not enough.

Photo – Camping Wadi Rum Luxury Camp

Unfortunately, Paulo and I were unable to book a “bubble” room that some campsites offer. The hotel in the photos above is Camping Wadi Rum Luxury Camp and offers several room options with views of the starry sky. The “Cheia de Estrelas” tent costs an average of R $ 850.00 per night and, even so, it is the most sought after by visitors! Sleeping looking at this sky must be one of the best experiences of the trip, so book in advance!

Picture – Sun City Camp

Another good option is the Sun City Camp. Some tents also have views of the sky and each has a mini balcony. Although they cost an average of R $ 900.00 per night, the comfort seems to be well worth it. The camp is highly rated on the booking sites and is a great alternative for those on a trip for two ?

Photo – Camp of Bedouin traditions

For those who prefer to save, it is possible to find good options for camping in the hostel style. Despite the shared bathrooms and having few options for double rooms, Bedouin Traditions Camp is highly rated mainly for the service. The price does not reach R $ 250.00 per night in a double room.
It is worth remembering that all these hotels offer options for trips with dromedaries and / or 4 × 4 cars, which greatly facilitates the trip to the regions furthest from the camp. It is possible to schedule the tours as soon as you arrive and, for those who want tips on places to visit in Wadi Rum, I made a complete post here on the blog ?

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