Wagaya – Veg (etari) years in SP

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Anyone who became a vegetarian or, especially, a vegan after eating in a Japanese restaurant must have missed it, right? There is always fish, cream cheese … the vegetables are breaded in an egg … few options remain. BUT this month I discovered a Japanese restaurant, Wagaya, which works with RODÍZIO VEGAN! That’s right you read! I went to check it closely!
I arrived on a rainy day and with a boring wind, but inside I already settled on the mat and I was very well received, the owners came to ask me how I knew about vegetarian rotation and we talked a little about their menu. They told me that they decided to replace everything and their vegetarian menu is, in fact, vegan!
They don’t use eggs, cream cheese … the broth is always made of vegetables, the mushrooms are sautéed in olive oil instead of butter … anyway, go for it! It’s vegan! =)
I started with a shimeji temaki, which was great. Then, they took me to a plate of eggplant breaded with mushrooms and tare sauce on top, absolutely divine! Without a doubt the most delicious dish.
The yakisoba was also very tasty, I just missed the noodles a little toasted and crunchy, as is sometimes done in a frying pan
Tempura, portion of shimeji … all very good. There were so many options and I obviously couldn’t stand eating so much! What I found very interesting is that they have options of sushi, hossomakis etc, with fruits. I’m not a person who eats fruit easily (shame on you, Valentina), but obviously I wanted to try it and I was surprised.
I really liked the mixture with watermelon, even because it is a more neutral fruit with a mild flavor!
Anyone who feels shy about the mixture can keep the cucumber and shitake / shimeji ones ?
The atmosphere is cozy and to make it easier, it is on the SIDE of the Vila Madalena metro!
The price of the carvery is R $ 38 and you can suffer from eating so much, see? LOL
Those who prefer can order a la carte. Really enjoyed!

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