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Taking a walk around Montmartre is disconnecting from everything and everyone and connecting with yourself. For many years I have had 2 beautiful Persian cats, a kitten called Beluga and a cat called Melk (melék, which is milk in Dutch). Whoever has a cat knows how loving they are and they love being close, saying that the cat doesn’t care for the owner is a great fallacy. They always hinder your work, climb on top of the computer and make you stop everything you are doing to cuddle and pay attention to them, then they relax and go back to sleep. My cats are very calm and besides food and affection they don’t expect much from me.
Unfortunately, when I came to live in Paris, I had to leave them with my mother-in-law, because as they are very fragile and fat, they would have to come in the luggage section and I was afraid, especially of Beluga, who is more sensitive, of not taking the trip. So I decided to leave them in good hands until we returned.
However, I was always affixed by animals and strolling from time to time on the streets of Montmartre (neighborhood where I live in Paris) I always saw some French bulldogs and started to fall in love with their angry face.
Until last month Paulo and I decided to buy one and ended up getting a second from a creator who saw Don on one of my shows and knew I liked it. She gave me the Bo-Boy. Well, since then our lives have changed and for the better.
Normally, we started working as soon as we woke up, checking e-mails and facebook, and there we went on until bedtime. With the arrival of the two babies that changed a lot. We read a book about dogs, by a Mexican (dog charmer) and we started to do what he said.
So, we wake up, go for a walk with the dogs, give them food, and then another ride for them to go to the bathroom, at lunchtime and at night the same journey is repeated. And for the first time, “forcibly” because of the dogs, I realized that I was having time for myself and not for them. A time that makes us reflect on ourselves, look around, have new ideas, air our heads, have fun, allow ourselves to have less problems, allow ourselves to talk to strangers on the street, see sad people who feel hugging their puppy the happiest people in the world and tell you that their day got better at that moment.
walking with dogs6Having a puppy makes all the difference in the world, it changes your life and that of the people around you. It makes you a lighter, more human and better person.
If I knew that I would have adopted my children a long time ago. So for everyone who has a beloved pet like that I send a kiss in your hearts. For those who do not have and who have the opportunity to take care of one, I leave my message: adopt! You will see how your life will change for the better, I was even more responsible, until I woke up when I left with them I wake up (I mean I try, but they end up waking me up; D), it is a lot of happiness!
And being able to have that time to get out of front of the computer for a while and be able to reflect on the next steps to take is something that you can’t do stuck at home.
If you want to see more of how delicious it is, here is a video I made with my two very cute puppies walking in Montmartre.

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