Wall magazines: ways to use!

Wall magazines: ways to use!

I know, I know … Magazines and printed books are losing more and more space, but I never stopped loving them. I love to browse the pages and find several incredible references, after all, creative work requires a lot of research. Of course, today with Pinterest and thousands of websites we have all of this on the screen of a cell phone, however, nothing takes away my pleasure from having a collection (even a small one) of printed materials that I admire so much.
As the number of magazines I have at home has dropped considerably over the years, I find it incredible to be able to put my favorite editions on display. Leaving the items we love so much to integrate the decoration brings more personality to any environment, don’t you think?

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I decided to make this post with ideas from magazines just to show that even with a small collection of magazines, you can use them to your advantage in the decoration and not just pile everything in a drawer.



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Narrow wooden shelves are simple, inexpensive and superfunctional solutions. The pieces are excellent alternatives for those who like a minimalist and cleaner decor. The good thing about this type of piece is that you can use it to accommodate other objects and it doesn’t just work as a magazine rack.

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