Warm and cozy room in winter

Warm and cozy room in winter

Who doesn’t want to get home after a tiring day and throw themselves in the warm bed this winter? I think there is no place better than our room and, with a few simple changes, this room in the house can be even more cozy and perfect to enjoy the cold nights!
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Focus on the bed!

It may seem a little obvious, but investing in comforters, furry blankets and lots of pillows makes any bed more cozy! More than very heavy pieces, it is worth going after soft and light blankets. Despite the high price, the models with goose feathers get very hot.

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Hot colors

Those who read the post about the right lighting for each environment should remember that the yellowish light in the room makes the biggest difference. Warm colors, in general, bring a feeling of more comfort and warmth to the space, so in addition to the right lamp, look for bedding in these shades ?
Ah, for those who do not give up indirect lighting, bet on lamps and lamps! When you are awake, it is worth spreading some candles around the room, but always away from curtains, rugs and sheets, ok?

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Sealing + heater

Nobody deserves to be cold at night and sometimes it is your window that does not have the correct seal, you know? If you close everything and you don’t know where that wind comes from, it is worth giving special attention to the windows. In addition, a portable heater is an excellent investment for those who live in the coldest regions of the country.

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For those who want to invest more

Despite being a more expensive item, carpets are great for letting the winter climate take over the space. The furry models, also known as shaggys, are perfect for this time of year!

Photo – Denilson Machado (Home Adore)

Where to buy?

Of course, to help you with these changes I selected some very wintery items for your decor <3

  1. Shoptime | R $ 959.99
  2. Oppa Design | R $ 370.49
  3. A lot | R $ 229.90
  4. Americanas | R $ 73.90
  5. Westwing R $ 279.90

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