Warm and wide pieces


Is there anything more pleasant than being comfortable and super warm on a colder day? I’m passionate about sweatpants, I find one of the most delicious materials in life, especially those with oversized modeling! On trips I always take a jacket with me and end up wearing it in one (or more) days ?
This look, for example, was one of the most comfortable that I wore throughout my trip through Seattle and Canada. And guess what piece I loved the most? Of course, the long sweatshirt and comfortable of the Farm <3
The very large blazer was also great for stretching the silhouette. It was exactly the length of the sweatshirt, but having a straighter cut left the look tidy!
The clutch followed the same line: very big! As I had already mixed textures (sweatshirt and tailoring), I decided to continue playing with this mix and opted for the more natural fiber bag. For the look to remain harmonious, I continued on the same palette of gray, black, brown, dark blue … In fact, this is a great tip: if you are going to abuse the textures, prefer to continue with a mix of prints and more basic colors.
The collar and oxford with tracted soles were accessories that brought an extra “weight” to the look. When I wear shorter clothes like this, I almost always opt for a heavier shoe to counter. The collar, in addition to being an excellent resource for the coldest days, also helps to give that touch more different to the production – scarves, scarves and knit or crochet collars are also great options to carry in the bag on those days of undefined weather .
So, do you also enjoy looks with a more neutral palette like this? I found it a super simple production, but I would definitely use it more often!

  1. Sweatshirt | Farm

  2. Blazer | Colcci

  3. Purse | Arezzo

  4. Shoe | Royal Republic

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