Warm detox Important things to know about soup fasting

Warm detox Important things to know about soup fasting

Juice cleansing and juice detox are on everyone’s lips right now. Soup fasting is the perfect alternative to the often cooling juice detox.

Similar to the juice detox, you do not consume solid foods for a week with soup fasting. This relieves your digestive system and detoxifies your organism. The advantage over freshly squeezed juices? Your organism does not cool down and you quickly feel fit and full of energy.

But before you indulge in the delicious, freshly prepared soups and do something good for your body, you should use the following tips to make sure that the seven days of soup fasting go smoothly.

1. Preparation days are mandatory

Preparation days are so-called Relief days that optimally prepare your body for the upcoming detox. In addition to plenty of water (seasoned with ginger), prepare your three meals primarily with fresh steamed vegetables and fruit.

A relief day can look like this, for example: It starts with a self-mixed muesli made from crispy oat flakes, linseed oil, fresh fruit and nuts, which is poured over with nut milk or freshly squeezed juice. At lunchtime you can eat potatoes, boiled or fried potatoes and in the evening enjoy a thick vegetable soup.

2. Fresh ingredients, lots of organic and lots of water

The alpha and omega of soup fasting is the fresh preparation of your meals. Regional and fresh organic vegetables are just as important as really high-quality ingredients. You don’t need to worry about spending most of your day on the stove because vegetable soups are excellent to prepare in advance and keep in the refrigerator for several days.

You start a soup fast with a creamy oat soup, consisting of four tablespoons of oat flakes, which you boil with equal parts nut milk and water (200 ml). Let the mixture soak for 5 minutes and season with cinnamon and agave syrup. At lunchtime and in the evening there are delicious vegetable soups made from tomatoes, carrots and potatoes.

Even more important than fresh preparation is that you drink a lot. Make yourself a carafe of ginger water, a good herbal tea made from peppermint, sage, rose hip or chamomile or delicious sencha and drink a good two liters of liquid a day.

3. Bread drink, green clay and juice for the best results

Support your body in detoxification with small aids that you get before the week of the cure. A glass of bread drink – 100 ml diluted with water or mild apple juice is the ideal start to the day. This gets your digestive organs going and supports the development of your intestinal flora.

Green clay ensures that unpleasant side effects such as flatulence do not occur during the fasting period. The natural clay massages the intestine from the inside and binds fermentation and putrefactive toxins.

And why shouldn’t you support detoxification with detoxifying juices? If you keep drinking enough water and tea, detox juice is not to be sneezed at. It supports the detoxifying effect of the soups.

4. Daily work-out

At the beginning of your fasting week you will still have to overcome yourself a bit, but the more energy you build up, the more enjoyment you will get from a daily workout. Go jogging daily, bouncing around the living room, or exercising your muscles. No matter what you do, just sweat the slags away.

You can support your energy boost in the morning with daily massages and a change shower. Make sure that you massage your skin towards the heart with the dry brush before showering and later with the shower head. This promotes blood circulation.

5. Lots of rest and support for the liver

Treat yourself to daily rest periods. It is best if you lie down. You can also optimally support your liver in its detoxifying function. Place a filled hot water bottle on a damp towel and position both on the right side of your body under the last costal arch, i.e. exactly on the liver. Secure the hot water bottle with a towel and rest for 20 minutes. If you cannot take this time, at least treat yourself to an early night’s sleep.

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