Warm from head to toe

Warm from head to toe

Nothing better than waking up in the cold with a hot coffee, isn’t it? That’s exactly how we started our fifth day in Iceland!
The town of Egilsstadir is lovely, a shame that there was no time to ski. We ended up staying only until lunch – which was delicious – and hit the road!
On the way, we saw several beautiful mountains, all covered with snow. The scenery inside the car was already too much and of course we had to go down to get a closer look and take some pictures, right?
I’m glad I went with an appropriate boot to take all that snow!
We continued the trip and decided to stop to see some pastures and even more mountains. The Fjords, as they are known, are huge rocky valleys flooded by the sea. Iceland is full of them, one more beautiful than the other.
It’s no use, I can’t get enough of these surreal landscapes! Iceland is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Nature rules!
To enjoy this busy day, I chose a beautiful poncho from Geysir, super warm. It was so cold that I also had to wear an ear muff, full of hair!
The look was all more neutral, the poncho that gave that touch more modern! In fact, for trips like this where we travel a lot, we can’t take so much clothes.
I bet on a more neutral bag full of interesting accessories, like leather gloves and warm scarves. The bags were also smaller – because if I needed something I would be in the car.

  1. Pants | Forever 21
  2. Glasses | Céline
  3. Ear protector | Accessorize
  4. Purse | Licorice
  5. Geysir Poncho
  6. Boot | Melissa
  7. Scarf | All Saints
  8. Glove | Ted Baker

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