Warm Look with Mix of Textures
Warm look with mix of textures

Warm Look with Mix of Textures

When we closed our trip of almost a month to Russia, I confess that it hit that desperation when packing. That’s because I’m already an exaggerated person and I almost always take more options than I use. The issue is even worse when we are traveling to a cold place and heavy coats are essential, right?
Despite the surreal amount of bags we carry, I think that in terms of coat I chose the best options. You can’t deny that the pieces took up a lot of space, but they were really super warm. One of my best choices was this fake fur coat from J. Crew wine <3

When we put on winter looks, we usually stick to black and caramel jackets, right? These are really neutral colors and easy to combine, but I swear that a coat with a touch of color already makes the production instantly more interesting. The wine, incredible as it may seem, was a super wildcard in my bag because it gave an up to every more neutral look.
In fact, it was exactly for this coat that I enjoyed this most basic production so much. The orange print of the knitting combined very well with the third colored piece and took the look from the obvious, since most of the time I would opt for an all black production with the coat declaration.

And as you know that I love accessories, I made the most of the rings and earrings to make the look even more charming. Are you also one of those who love to mix rings of all styles and colors? It doesn’t have to be just silver or gold with me, the more mixed the better!

So, did you like the look? This was one of my favorites from the trip and of course I would not fail to share where the similar parts and options are here on the site.
All the details are down here and I think you can go after warm clothes to enjoy the winter in the best way ?

High throat blouse | Animal
Coat | J. Crew
Pants | Shoulder
Boot | Amaro
Purse | Alexander McQueen
Earring | Fair in Rome
Jewels | Marisa Clermann


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