Warming up all environments: fake fur pelegos

Warming up all environments: fake fur pelegos

It is not today that blankets of synthetic and plush fur have dominated the decor. Just open Pinterest and millions of references appear with this type of piece that has already become so characteristic of Scandinavian style.
Taking advantage of the fact that we are still in winter, did you know that fake fur can be great allies to make the décor more cozy?

Photo – Lovin ‘Blog

Do you think this piece doesn’t match your home? Look, I can show you millions of references in the most varied styles of decoration and in many environments. Offices, living rooms, reading corner, bedrooms… All of these rooms hold fake fur very well ?



Country Life, Kelly Selvaggio and Style Me Pretty

Nobody deserves to be cold while working or studying, right? That uncomfortable chair is also much more welcoming with the piece.



Photo – We Heart It, Camila Lira, Ana Velverde and Somos Decor

The living room is one of the environments we use the most in our daily lives. Making this room comfortable and inviting is what most people want, so in addition to betting on lots of pillows, indirect lighting and cozy rugs, it is worth a blanket or a plush hide on the sofa or armchair.



Foto – You Need Decor, Camila Lira and Domino

One of the most intimate places in the house is the bedroom, so the more comfortable the better. You must have seen a very nice bed and thought about how the decor influences this feeling of welcome.
I confess that comforters and blankets fulfill this role well, but using the hide as a footboard is also the greatest charm, don’t you think?
For those who enjoy a very warm and cozy house, this piece really makes a difference!

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