Wasabi – RJ

Wasabi - RJ

I had been rehearsing for a while to get to know Wasabi, a restaurant that is very close to home, here in Barra da Tijuca, literally across the street. I was waiting for Japanese food, but I was totally surprised, it’s more than that! In fact, the menu’s strong point is the dishes with an oriental footprint, only presented in shape and flavor with different interpretations and influences from other gastronomic cultures.

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Wasabi is on the top floor of Shopping Barra Point and the back of the room is the coolest place to sit because, in addition to the tatami-like tables, during the day it overlooks Pedra da Gávea, Marapendi Lagoon and Pedra Bonita. And you can also enjoy the charm of the boats that pass to and fro, which add even more charm to the program.

Among my favorites and most different from the menu are the starters Butterfly Salmon (Generous salmon fillet chopped with soy sauce on the inside, sesame on the outside and heated in the torch. The flavor is slightly smoked.) Harunacho (Have you ever imagined joining Asian with Mexican ?! Because this combination of tortillas with spicy fish is very tasty.), The main dish Brave Salmon (Grilled salmon, with colorful rice seasoned in curry and ceasar salad in a basket made of rennet cheese. Guys, I love rennet cheese and I never imagined it could have that shape! The salmon was super tender.) And, finally, the desserts Ice Cream Harumaki (Traditional hot and crunchy cone with ice cream filling of vanilla ice cream. The contrast of hot and cold is very tasty!) And Chocolate salami (For chocoholics, a semisweet chocolate salami with crunchy pieces of biscuit. Sweet to measure.).

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I want to take this opportunity to congratulate chef Alex Jorge for Wasabi, who has just completed a deserved 10 years. With so many unusual options, success is guaranteed for those who enjoy excellent oriental food with freedom to innovate. And even if you’re not a fan, you can also find other interesting options there. Délis !!!

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Wasabi Sushi
Av. Armando Lombardi, 350
Shopping Barra Point
Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Tel: (21) 2491-2920

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