Water bath: what it is and how to do it!

Water bath: what it is and how to do it!

The water bath is one of the most classic confectionery techniques. After all, who has never prepared a delicious condensed milk pudding or the classic brigadeirão? The process is essential to make the desserts more creamy and bake them slowly!
For those who do not know, the bain-marie is nothing more than placing a container inside a pan or larger than the pot, so that the ingredients in this bowl melt or cook by indirect heat. That is, the water must be hot enough for the steam to heat the vessel.


When the water bath is done inside the oven, the water must surround the mold to protect the cooking of the food. In this way, the water will absorb some of the heat, causing it to spread more evenly.


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The direct heat from the oven causes the candy to bake too quickly or create slightly coarser films around the dessert. For this reason, the water bath isolates the masses and creams from direct contact with heat.
And which desserts are usually made in a water bath inside the oven? Pudding, brigadeirão, creme brulee and even a very creamy cheesecake are just some of the examples!


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In the case of the water bath done on the stove, care is even greater. The smaller pot must not touch the water, as the ingredient will be cooked only with indirect heat. It is essential that the steam does not come into direct contact with the ingredients, preventing the recipe from becoming coagulated.
Ah, nothing to leave the water bubbling or the pan too full, okay? Preparations such as genoise, zabaione and Swiss meringue are super delicate and need to be cooked with great patience. Melting the chocolate in a double boiler is also another classic process!


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And if someone there is thinking that this is an unnecessary step, you can get that idea out of your head! The water bath is essential for the desserts to have a velvety texture, melting in the mouth with each mouthful.
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