Water Footprint: How much water do you spend?

Water Footprint: How much water do you spend?

Do you have any idea how much water is used to produce your food, clothes, cosmetics and other products and objects you use on a daily basis? I guarantee that there is a lot of water behind all the manufacturing processes for each of these things. And it may not seem directly our “fault”, but the water used to manufacture what we consume also counts for our bonded water.

Water Footprint: How much water do you spend?

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The term, for those who do not know, is nothing more than the trail left by us whenever we consume fresh water – directly or indirectly. That is, in addition to the water we use in our daily lives, we also need to consider the amount used to produce all the other products that are part of our routine.
This footprint is usually classified by three colors:
GREEN: rainwater incorporated into the soil and used by plants for transpiration and evaporation.
BLUE: water from rivers or underground reservoirs that are used for the production of goods, by agriculture and in our homes.
GREY: all the water used to dilute pollutants.
All these categories of use are linked to our consumption, but invisible to our eyes. As large companies are responsible for the most significant expenses, we do not have much to change the processes. But we can choose which suppliers to consume and how much we are going to consume.
And that is where the importance of reducing the consumption of some products, such as meat, comes in. I’ll leave a short list here with some foods so you can get an idea of ​​how much water is used for production:
→ BEEF: 15.415L / kg
→ PORK: 5,981L / kg
→ CORN: 1.222L / kg
→ LETTUCE: 237L / kg
→ POTATO: 287L / kg
→ TOMATO: 214L / kg

I don’t even need to say a lot more, right?
If you were curious to know your water footprint, just fill in this Water Footprint form. Unfortunately the site only has an English version, but it is worth using the translator for those who do not know how to speak the language!

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