Water Retention How to get rid of a puffy face before summer

Water Retention How to get rid of a puffy face before summer

Water retention is annoying and is a big plus on the scales. We’ll show you how you can naturally drain your body to lose weight healthily and get rid of small problems like a puffy face or legs.

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Water retention affects all of us. Pregnant women or women on their period are particularly affected. But heat can also make us feel swollen. There are ways and means to get rid of those pesky pounds.

1. Tip for dehydration: Drink enough water

Even if you want to drain your body in order to lose weight and rid it of toxins, you should drink enough water. Because water washes the toxins out of your body. Therefore, you should drink 1.5 to two liters of water a day to balance your water balance. Because your body loses around 2.5 liters of fluid in the form of urine or sweat every day. Nettle tea also helps against water retention because it has a diuretic effect.

2. Tip for dehydration: herbal supplements

There are also natural ways to dehydrate, apart from medication. A natural dehydration of your body can only work if it is deprived of abnormally increased water. This can be achieved with healthy and natural active ingredients. Herbal supplements are best suited for this, because they support and increase your body’s water excretion.

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3. Tip for dehydration: Lots of exercise and a balanced diet

In order to dehydrate your body in a healthy and natural way and thus rid it of toxins, you should consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. Getting enough exercise is also important. It is also important that you do not eat too much salt, as this binds water in the body. Diet is also important with water retention. There are also dehydrating foods, as reported by the online portal “eatsmarter.de”:

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4. Tip for dehydration: Avoid high cortisone levels

There are several factors that can lead to increased cortisone levels: certain medications containing cortisone, stress, but also poor diet. An increased level of cortisone is responsible for increased water retention in your body. Avoid stressful situations, eat healthy, and exercise regularly.

5. Tip for draining: Include fasting days

If you are prone to water retention, you can try fasting days as a remedy. Before you start fasting, however, you should consult your family doctor. He will help you find the best fasting method.

By the way, you can easily find out whether it is actually water retention: Press on the affected, inflated tissue. If you take your finger away and there is a small hollow that is slow to fill up, there is a high probability that it is water retention.

General signs of water retention

The signs of water retention are varied, as the medical portal “sprechzimmer.ch” writes:

  • The skin is tight or swollen.

  • If you press your finger into swollen areas, dents remain.

  • Clothing or jewelry is suddenly very tight.

  • Your weight suddenly fluctuates inexplicably.

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